Destiny 2 trials Osiris has been cancelled – why is it cancelled ? : Destiny 2

In general, Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooting game. Moreover, the developer of this game i.e. Bungie also provide some weekly and daily challenges to keep the game captivating. In the same way, the game has a weekly challenge which is popular as Trial Osiris. However, in the recent update this challenge has been delayed due to some issue. Check the complete information below.

Destiny 2 Trial Osiris

Destiny 2 trials Osiris has been cancelled- why is it cancelled ? : Destiny 2

It is a trial moment in Destiny 2. However, it is a weekly challenge that is why it takes place on a week basis. It is available on every weekend Friday and continue till next Tuesday. Further, the challenge re-establish on every Tuesday. Although, this challenge is not easy to win. Because there is a limitation on losing the game. Now, once you lost the trial battle for three times. You will not be allowed to play in this challenge furthermore. Also, sustaining in this challenge will give players many unique rewards.

Destiny 2 trials Osiris has been cancelled!

Although,  this possessed an elimination gameplay. But still there are many players who actually wait for this challenge. As they can earn many rewards through this. Recently, Bungie released news about this trial. Deciding it to delay further and unfortunately till the next week. Bungie used their Twitter account to inform players about this cancellation. 

The lighthouse is a location on Mercury. And it can only be accessible by nine wins and zero losses in a single game. Furthermore, this place has exclusive loot for the players.

Why it gets cancelled?

Destiny 2 trials Osiris has been cancelled- why is it cancelled ? : Destiny 2

Furthermore, Bungie had always kept an eye on all the activities related to the game. The reason behind delaying the trial of Osiris and finally cancelling it is quite amusing. According to the Trial Report of the game, there are 50% of the players who went Flawless on PC this week. As a fact it seems quite high to Bungie. And also then to with zero or less than 5 killing. Hence, Bungie decided to delay this trial until this issue is fixed.

Destiny 2 trials Osiris has been cancelled- why is it cancelled ? : Destiny 2

In addition to the above, a state in this trial where you have to win seven challenges straight and without any single loss is otherwise known as Flawless.

Furthermore, Bungie has released an update, which state that ‘Lighthouse has been re- enabled for those who have access to Flawless card.’

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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