Amazon Echo Show 10 Gets a New Rotating Display Feature : Technology

    Amazon Echo Show 10 have released, it’s been the talk of the town as it have the new rotating display feature. Let’s see the review of Echo show 10.

    Amazon Echo Show 10 Gets a New Rotating Display Feature!

    Amazon Echo Show 10 Gets a New Rotating Display Feature : Technology

    Amazon Echo Show 10 consists of the swiveling screen base which rotates automatically according to the movement of the user. You can use it while cooking as it will rotate when you turn to take ingredients. Zoom and pan feature of Amazon Echo Show 10 helps us in video calls. With it’s 13 megapixel camera quality, it enhances our video calls.


    Amazon Echo Show 10 Gets a New Rotating Display Feature : Technology

    Amazon Echo Show 10’s screen looks like a mini tv. It looks like they have stuck the display on the Echo speaker. So it takes up more space, as we have to make up the place for it’s rotation without any hindrance. The body measures around 9.7 inches wide and 4.2 inches deep. The base is 6.7 inches across and display is 9.9 inches.


    The initial setup of the Echo Show 10 called Device mapping. While this setup, it rotates and look for any obstacles around it and adjust it’s range of motion according to the surrounding. If you want to set it in another location, run the device mapping, it will readjust it’s range of motion. If there are two persons in the room, the screen will be changing according to the speaker’s location. You can do it manually by switching to self-view and double tap on the person who is using it.

    Privacy and Security

    As usual, Amazon have ensured the user’s privacy. They have confirmed that the motion data processed only on device, no images or videos sent to cloud for tracking. Review your privacy setting and delete voice recording if you want. Amazon do collect your data, but they send you adds according to it.


    • 13 megapixel camera
    • Automatic panning and zooming works great for video calls.
    • Top notch audio quality
    • Also be used as security web camera
    • Allows for occupancy and vaccancy triggered routines


    • Expensive than it’s similar predecessor Echo show 8
    • Swiveling screen is not necessary
    • Takes up lot of space
    • Works good with Amazon products but not with Google’s products.

    Routine actions

    You can set up some routine actions on this new Echo Show 10. If you want to play a song during evenings, you can set it up and cancel when you need. You can also set vaccancy triggered routines. Like switching off the lights when there is no one around. For this, you have to change the camera to webcam. With it’s 13 megapixel camera, it can capture the surrounding perfectly.

    To sum up, Amazon Echo Show 10 must be appreciated for this new rotating display feature. But it was also in Echo 8 which is low cost comparable to this. You can buy it for it’s 13 megapixel camera and excellent audio quality.

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