Persona 5 Strikers Trophies Not Showing Up – Person 5 Trophy Guide

    Have you met any difficulties with the stickers of Persona 5? It’s not showing upright. Most of the people in the West got this problem. Why strikers of Persona 5 not showing up? What happened? Let’s see it here.

    Persona 5 is the hack and slash game with role-playing in it. It has been released on February 23. Persona 5 was developed by Omegan force and P-Studio. It sets after six months of original Persona 5.

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    In Persona 5, there are forty-seven trophy strikers, of which thirty-eight are bronze, five silver, three gold, and one platinum. The players will get the platinum trophy with the title True Phantom Thief. Players have to collect all the other trophies to get this platinum trophy striker. Strikers encourage the players to play the game more enthusiastically. As the main lovable feature in Persona 5 is missing, players are angry about it.

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    The reason

    Persona 5 was actually released on February 20, 2020, in Japan for Play Station 4 and Nintendo. And in the West, it got released on February 23, 2020, on Microsoft Windows via the steam store. As it was released in Japan first, players got early access to the game before it was officially released in their region. Some players couldn’t get strikers in their game because of using early access without using the official version. After the official release in their region, the stickers automatically started showing up.

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    New mascot characters

    Persona 5 is the sequel to the original Persona 5 Royal. It sets after six months of the original game. In this version, Persona 5 introduced two new mascot characters and the previous Phantom thieves strikers. Let’s see the characters who were already present in the game and the new arrivals.

    Old characters

    • Joker
    • Ryuji
    • Ann
    • Mukta
    • Haru
    • Morgana
    • Yusuke

    These seven characters were already in the Persona 5 Royal game.

    New characters 

    • Sophia
    • Zenkichi

    These are the two new mascot characters. Sophia is described as Humanity Beginning in the game. You have to play the game to know more about the new characters.

    Finally, this why some players couldn’t find trophy strikers in the new Person 5 game. Because of its hype, many players got into the early access of the game, which didn’t have strikers in it that are the most lovable feature of the game. Sometimes you have to wait for the best thing to happen, never haste your process, and lose real happiness.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Persona 5 Strikers Trophies. To get all the latest updates on Persona 5 Strikersstay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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