Warzone Stadium Access Code List – Everything You Need to Know : Call of Duty

    Call of Duty Warzone made some major changes for being the captivated game. This time, it has a more critical task finding passcode keys to unlock the stadium doors. They are three levels in major, i.e., Parking, Main floor, and executive. In this article, we are going to talk about the Warzone Stadium Access Code List. So, kindly read this article until the end to know everything about it and how to use the keys to access various doors.

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    Parking | Warzone Stadium Access Code List

    P2-16 is the number of the key to access the door of parking, i.e., level 1. This key is found in the parking garage and below the main floor of the stadium. It seems difficult for a single player to get any key by himself. Therefore, players have to work in a team and spread all over the levels separately. However, when you continue to search for this key card in the parking garage.

    Warzone Stadium Access Code List - Everything You Need to Know : Call of Duty

    There will be an open route that leads you to out of the garage. Cross it, and you will find a key card in a corner in the southeast direction. Although, it is not sure that the players will always find the key at this location. As it varies to different players. You can also check the key near pillars or under stairs.

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    Executive level or top floor | Warzone Stadium Access Code List

    EL- 21 is the access key for this door. Here, you have to find this key on this floor. However, it is better to jump inside through windows rather than start from the first floor to the top floor. Most probably, the key is on the floor and not in any box or case. So keep looking for it. Further, on this floor, any of the enemies will have the key cards. Hence, be ready for a fight with them. Moreover, after killing the enemy, you will find the key card with him. Now once you have the key card, move further to the main floor.

    Warzone Stadium Access Code List - Everything You Need to Know : Call of Duty

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    Main floor or 1st level

    CL- 19 is the access key to the door of this floor. It can be found near the corner of the bar in Club Lounge.

    Warzone Stadium Access Code List - Everything You Need to Know : Call of Duty

    When you have all the three blue key cards, you can enter them to access the doors and loot the items inside the room, after proceeding the same in all three rooms. You will find a computer in each of them. Further, your job is to interact with that computer and fill in the codes you have in the key cards. After you are done with all three computers, please write down the codes and compress them into a list.

    Call of Duty Warzone - Gamestanza

    Furthermore, after decoding the compressed list of code. Go to the executive level and enter this in the screen keypad. After entering the correct code, the boardroom will open, and you will find some great rewards inside. There you will have an Enigma, which is a beautiful weapon.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Warzone Stadium Access Code List. To get all the latest updates on Call of Duty Warzone, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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