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Dayz is the survival video game developed by Bohemia Interactive. It was accessable for windows for long time before it’s official release in December 2018 and later released on Xbox and PlayStation 4 in 2019. It sets in the fictional region PostSoviet Republic of Chernarus, there was a mysterious plague which turned the whole public into infective people. As tbe the survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons and medicine while killing or avoiding the infected people or killing or avoiding or co-operative with other players. Read the full article about How to cure sickness in Dayz ?

Home of diseases

How to cure sickness in Dayz ? - Dayz Game guide : Dayz

The players equipped only with simple clothes, grow stick and explore 225 km2 fictional former Soviet Republic of Chernarus to investigate houses and barns and apartments to scavenge supplies. If you are not careful, you will get infected by the diseases. The diseases cured only by medicine supplies found in certain places. Though the players have immune system but weakened by low temperature and staying in low health for long time. Some viruses are most dangerous it will affect you if just interact with others. If you find any medical building check out for medicines and watch out for the Zombies as they often see in those buildings a lot.

How to cure sickness in Dayz ?

How to cure sickness in Dayz ? - Dayz Game guide : Dayz

  • Stay warm and dry all the times.
  • Increase your immunity by eating Vitamin tablets.
  • Wash your hands, if you touched something or if it have blood stains.
  • Always disinfect items you find from streets.
  • Don’t touch food or drinks if it looks like that might have consumed.
  • Always keep three metres away from sick people.
  • Always wear masks.  
  • Always clean your containers of water with chlorine tablets, as most common disease in Dayz is Cholera.

Dayz First aids

The players must collect first aids from the medical building you come accross. Collect bandages, tetragline pills, charcoal tablets as these will help for most common diseases. Collect Epi-pen and multivitamins as it will help to increase your immunity.

Dayz Amoeba Icon

How to cure sickness in Dayz ? - Dayz Game guide : Dayz

If you are affected with any diseases, the amoeba icon will appear on the menu. It don’t reveal your sickness, you have to find it with the resent symptoms. The most often diseases occur in Dayz are Cholera because of drinking contaminated water, Cold, Influenza and Salmonella due to staying in low temperature, chemical poisioning due to drinking alcohol and spirits, heart attack due to sudden shock, hemolytic reaction and brain diseases because of eating human meat. Always stay out from Cannibals in games, you can hear them before you approach it. Don’t eat other players meat if you are ultimately hungry.

These are the list of symptoms of diseases and precautions to take, so that you couldn’t get affect from diseases in Dayz. Be cautious of your moves.

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