Extra Pieces World of Warcraft | A Walkthrough Guide : World of Warcraft

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    Extra Pieces World of Warcraft

    Extra Pieces World of Warcraft | A Walkthrough Guide : World of Warcraft

    Extra Pieces is one of the Battle Pet World Quest that occurs in the World of Warcraft game. It is a Level 60 quest which also requires the players to be at the same level. The difficulty level of the quest also comes around 60 to 63. It became a part of this game since the patch update.

    This quest is not shareable and takes place in any area that falls only under Maldraxxus. Due to which it is of the Maldraxxus category. The one and only objective of this quest is defeating Rotgut in a Pet Battle. Smashing down Grixis Tinypop is an added advantage.

    Completion of the quest will provide you with 9450 XP or experience points and +125 reputation with The Undying army. 

    This is all about the quest. All the vital information of the quest is detailed above. But, bringing down Rotgut requires a smart strategy for which you can scroll down.

    How to defeat Rotgut?

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands features few creepy crawlies among which, Rotgut is a nasty one. Though you need not necessarily beat down Rotgut, you will have to beat his “pet team” as a part of the above quest. His team comprises of three limbs called the leftovers. But, it’s a bit tricky to tackle them. So, let’s take two approaches- one deals with Level 1 pet team whereas the other enables you to unlock Level 25 pet battle achievement. 

    Level 1

    Defeating the initial team isn’t a matter at all. All you must ensure is that your team comprises of three pets having Water Jet, Claw and no-cooldown ability. Thus, a team of aquatic, beast and mechanical pet is more than sufficient. Get them to the battleground in the same order and success will be yours.

    Level 25

    A team of Spring Rabbit, Alpine Hare, and Dust Bunny will enable you to tackle and service the attacks until the final round. After that you can release your trump card and secure the win. Let out the bunnies in the given order and put their moves and skills in use. On doing so, the fight might go for a while but finally Rotgut will go packing.

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