Destiny 2 Beyond Light review | Was the expansion worth it ? : Destiny 2

    The new season of destiny 2 is here, and this would be the best time to talk about the expansion that came with the last season. Beyond Light, which is the first of the three expansions which the game will see in near future, was released in November 2020, and it would not be wrong to say that the expansion was very well received by the players all over. The expansion masterfully builds upon the strengths of destiny 2 , introducing an all new enthralling open world to explore, hoard of interesting weaponry, and an intuitive gameplay. The expansion challenges the players in some new and unique ways. However the expansion also falls prey to some of destiny’s previous mistakes. Nonetheless, the storyline introduced in the new expansion is one of the best and most refreshing by bungie, the game developers as yet. Here’s a complete review of whatever was good and bad in this new expansion by bungie. Read on to get a complete Destiny 2 Beyond Light review.

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light review

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light review | Was the expansion worth it ? : Destiny 2

    The game is almost four years old but it’s hard to imagine that. All credit goes to the game developers, with regular updates and expansions they keep breathing new life in the game.

    Beyond light is one more such successful attempt by bungie, the game developer. The new expansion has enough things to do and enough places to explore to keep the players hooked. The new expansion introduces players to the breathtaking frozen world of Europa, Jupiter’s moon. This new region has a lot of serene corners for the players to explore. 

    The expansion also had an awesome raid this time, deep stone crypt which is Certainly worth your time if you haven’t done it yet. The game this time had characters from the original destiny game, these references were most welcome as they tied some of the open strings of the past.

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light review | Was the expansion worth it ? : Destiny 2

    The story of the game was simply awesome, it was the best in the lot till yet. The players are also introduced with a brand new power of darkness, the stasis. This ability brings about a whole new dimension to the game play. 

    The game seems to be moving towards a new direction from this expansion, focusing more on storyline and character building. This is a welcome change.

    However not everything was good about the expansion..

    The same destiny mistakes repeated!

    Though the expansion was largely awesome, with welcome changes. It fell prey to some old mistakes by destiny:

    • The campaign mode was too short, even though it told a great story but it ends with many loose ends as always.
    • The grinds were highly repetitive and boring.
    • The large array of the weapon were largely unused, unless for completing a challenge, which were largely repetitive.

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light review | Was the expansion worth it ? : Destiny 2

    Over all, the developers did a great job and this would be a solid expansion for the game regardless of the mistakes….

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