Blue items genshin Impact location | where to find Blue item list ? : Genshin impact

In this article we were going to give information on blue items location in genshin impact. So, kindly read the article till the end to know about the locations of blue items.

Genshin Impact an single, multiplayer mode action role playing game created and published by miHoYo. This game was an one of the most playable and entertainment game with wonderful missions and tasks in game for it’s players. This game was released on 28th september,2020 and available on microsoft windows, playstation 4, android, iOS, nintendo switch, playstation 5.

Blue items Genshin Impact location

And recently genshin impact introduced an camera event a new challenge called Five Flushes of Fortune in the game. In this game on day 4 players have to capture 10 photographs of blue items to complete day 4 challenge of Five Flushes of Fortune. And many of players don’t know where to find those blue items. Here in this article we will give you locations of blue items.

Below The List of Locations For Blue Items:

  • Cryo flowers
  • Crystal chunks
  • Magic crystal chunks
  • Glaze lilies
  • Noctilucous jade
  • Lamp grass
  • Starconches
  • Mint
Blue items genshin Impact location | where to find Blue item list ? : Genshin impact


As information starconches were qualified as blue items for this challenge. Players can receive blue items from starconches. And starconches were the materials found on or near seashores in game. By capturing photographs of starconches players will easily get blue items and complete the challenge for day4.

Crystal chunks and Magic crystal chunks

According to information crystal chunks and magical crystal chunks were farming materials to craft ores in genshin impact. These were also qualified as blue items and can be used by players to complete five flushes of fortune challenge.

Mint and Dandelion plants

Mint and dandelion plants were the common materials found across the Mondstadt city. And players can find around 15 blue items around the walls of mondstadt.

Cryo flowers or Mist flowers

These flowers will found near the water. As information these were also qualified as blue item. Players need pyro skills to get this from plants.

After completion of capturing the ten photographs of blue items. Players have to teleport to Liyue harbor and need to exchange those photos to JI Tong for Fortune Trove. And fortune trove will reward around 60 primogems and many rewards after successful completion.

So, that’s it guys this was all information on Blue items location in genshin impact. For more updates on genshin impact stay tuned to our website game stanza and follow us on google news.

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