Wrecking Ball Forza Horizon 4 – All about it! : Forza Horizon 4

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Wrecking Ball Forza Horizon 4

Wrecking Ball Forza Horizon 4 - All about it! : Forza Horizon 4

Wrecking things while on the drive is also a skill. Smashing your way out through one or more breakable items rewards you with 100 skill points. Its because it defines a Standard skill known as Wreckage. The Wrecking ball skill has similar definition with few changes. It is all about performing multiple Wreckage skills, successively. On doing it, you will get 1000 skill points since it falls under the Special skills.

By Wreckage the game refers to anything that breaks without any damage done to you or your vehicle. It implies you simply cant run into buildings or such objects to claim this skill. Earn wreckage points by smashing fences, trees, traffic cones, streetlights, signs and such destructable objects. Just ensure that you car doesn’t crash or crumple else, the skill won’t be counted as done.

Practice to gain Wreckage points and once you master it, try to do it in a chain or in a single stretch. Its because you can claim Wrecking ball skill only when you chain three or more Wreckage skills. It rewards with not just Wrecking ball skill activation but also XX% bonus to wreckage weapon skill points.

This skill execution requires a unique place since there must be several destructible items. The Greendale Airstrip will be a perfect place to try and implement Wrecking ball skill. You can find traffic cones on both the sides of the runway, streetlights and barriers in this place. Simply smash through them at a quick speed and get a Wrecking Ball skill in a matter of time.

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