Destiny 2 season of the chosen Roadmap – The complete guide! : Destiny 2

So, after an entire month of leaks and teases the destiny 2 season of the chosen is finally here!!!! It is now official that you have to fight the cabals this season, and not just any cabal. It will be none other than the cabal leader, Calus’s daughter Empress Caiatl. So, it’s gonna be a tough ride this time around no doubt. Bungie, the game developer have also announced several new goodies for both free to play and season pass owners. Bungie has released a complete roadmap of the new season on their official site and also a complete guide of all the new things added. But it is quite a long articles. Here we have compiled all the important things you need to know. Read on to find out the complete Destiny 2 season of the chosen roadmap.

Destiny 2 season of the chosen Roadmap

Destiny 2 season of the chosen Roadmap - The complete guide! : Destiny 2

Bungie has a lot of things planned for this season. So, ready yourself. Here’s a complete roadmap for you!  First off, bungie announced that the new season of the chosen will start officially on February 9.

On the first day itself, that is February 9 the players will get following new things:

  • Two battlegrounds namely Behemoth and Hailstone will be available for players to test their skills.
  • Devil’s lair will be making a return and the players can engage into it the very first day!!!!
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R strikes will also be making a comeback and that too on the first day itself!!
  • Bungie will also unveil a brand new ultimate Vanguard staging ground, H.E.L.M. on the first day.
  • And if that was not enough, a brand new quest by the name Stasis Aspect will also start from the opening day.

Destiny 2 season of the chosen Roadmap - The complete guide! : Destiny 2

The next stage will start on February 12 with the modified Trails of Osiris, the developers have announced that  the trails will offer brand new armours, mods , weapons etc.

  • In cosmodrome on February 16 a new battlegrounds will be made available.
  • On February 23, the oracle battleground will be started. Also the iron banner quests will be available from the 23rd too.
  • Then after a gap of a month on 23rd march the second week of iron banner quests will begin. Also, for season pass holders the “Proving Grounds Strike” alao starts on 23rd march.
  • Next phase comes on march 30, which will start the “Proving Grounds Strike” for free to play players too. Plus a new Strike “Proving Grounds Nightfall” will also start.
  • April 13 will mark the start of third week of iron banner quests. Between April 20-May 9 the Guardian games will be held. Out of which from May 7- 9 will mark the closing ceremony of the games.

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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