Donkey kong 64 new cheat codes found! – Full list of cheat codes for Donkey kong 64

In this article we were going to give information on donkey kong 64 new cheat code. So, kindly read the article till the end to know about the donkey kong 64 new cheat codes.

Donkey kong 64 an single, multiplayer adventure 1999 platform game created by Rare and published by Nintendo to Nintendo 64. It’s an one of the most adventurous game with many puzzles and tasks for players to complete. This game was released on november 22nd, 1999 in north america, december 3rd, 1999 on europe and december 10th, 1999 in japan.

New Cheat Code Found on Donkey Kong 64:

Donkey kong 64 new cheat codes found! - Full list of cheat codes for Donkey kong 64

Even through the game have arrived before 20 years it was entertaining many of the players with puzzles and adventurous events. Recently, one of the player have found an new cheat code on the game. Still after 20years of arrival that cheat code weren’t found by many of players.

But one of the player recently found an new cheat code on game which allows players of game to enter an level and a unlock level using an lower amount of required golden bananas. On twitter one of the player with name tom ballaam posted an video regarding new cheat code of donkey kong 64. Below you will find the clip shows the chunky kong after reached to barrier requires 100 bananas to unlock new level. But after pressing button which includes activation code the number required will decrease to 80 instead of 100. After that player proceeded to next level.

But Inorder to proceed to next level the player should consists of specified number of bananas required for that level and they have to achieve or collect that number of bananas to reach that level. If players have used cheat codes they can easily achieve that level without collection of required bananas.

Below You Can Find The List of Few Cheat Codes:

How to unlock donkey kong theater?

  • To unlock donkey kong theater players need to get banana camera and collect atleast two photograph banana fairies to get donkey kong theater option in ‘mystery menu’.

Unlock Rambi, Enguarde arenas?

  • Inorder to unlock rambi, enguarde arenas players need to get atleast 6 banana fairys photographs.

Boss rematches

  • To receive boss rematches players need to get photograph 10 banana fairys.

Krusha secret character

  • Inorder to unlock the krusha secret character players need to get photograph of 15 banana fairys

Unlimited items

  • Inorder to receive unlimited items players need to get photographs of 20 banana fairys.

So, that’s it guys this was all information on donkey kong 64 cheat codes. For more information on donkey kong 64 stay tuned to our website game stanza and follow us on google news.

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