Xbox Hits 18 Million Game Pass Subscribers – The most subscribers of all time? : Xbox

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When you launch something into the market that gamers accept dearly, you can rest assured that the audience will continue to mount with the quality of the product rising. The same has happened in case of Xbox game subscribers which Microsoft say has hit more 18 million subscribers. Let’s learn more about this impressive achievement by Microsoft and Xbox Game Pass.

18 Million Subscriber of Xbox Game Pass 

With the recent earning of Microsoft revealed, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella also announced that Xbox Game Pass has achieved a monumental feat; reaching 18 million subscribers as of the beginning of 2021. The cost of an Xbox Game Pass is $9.99 a month, while, the Ultimate Xbox Game Pass subscription rate stands at $14.99. With Xbox Game Pass subscription, you avail access to numerous recent launches of games.

Xbox Hits 18 Million Game Pass Subscribers - The most subscribers of all time? : Xbox
In recent years, Microsoft’s earnings from gaming consoles and subscription revenue have increased by 51%. Xbox Series X and S amounted a growth of 86% hardware revenue. Overall, Xbox products and subscription alone saw a rise of 40% in current times.

Xbox Live alone as more than 100 million active users monthly, as revealed in the earning calls by Microsoft. New offers and prizes are always coming in for the gamers from Microsoft and Obox, such as with Ultimate Xbox Game Pass subscription, you get one month access to Disney Plus free of charge.

Upcoming Changes On Xbox

Xbox Hits 18 Million Game Pass Subscribers - The most subscribers of all time? : Xbox

Talks and rumours about Microsoft planning to increase Xbox Live Gold cost have also come into focus. The decision has apparently been abandoned now, the Xbox Live Gold subscription remains the same. Seeing the stats and growth of Xbox and its products, Microsoft sure has hit jackpot with this invention.

We’ll let you know more about the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox recent developments as soon as they come into the light.

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