Fox Clan Fortnite – New Fortnite Skins for February! : Fortnite

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Fortnite’s Official account tweeted a series of tweets today morning. The post made by Fortnite hints that something “drift” themed content is all set to arrive in the game.  One of the tweets illustrates that the Fox Clan is in Huge trouble. Read the article to know more about Fox Clan Fortnite.

Fox Clan Fortnite

Fox Clan Fortnite - New Fortnite Skins for February! : Fortnite

The Fortnite account was building a connection with drift probably a  character in the game. The further tweets hinted as if Drift is in some trouble. Drift was earlier a part of the game in Chapter one, season 5 battle pass. He was a legendary costume back then. Drift was a normal human being but soon he was involved in a rift in the Fortnite universe, this helped him in gaining paranormal activities.

Drift is very famous for its “Fox Clan” mask, this is what the Twitter account posted about this morning. It is not known who actually is trying to establish a connection with drift through the Twitter account. But it can be clearly seen that they are trying to warn him by stating that whoever gave him the Fox Clan mask is trying to target him.

A New Fortnite Skin!

Epic Games has changed their Twitter handle profile pic to the Fox Clan Logo. Simultaneously they have also released a new banner image. One of the Fortnite leakers named Hypex has stated that there is an upcoming drift skin to the game.

If this is thought to be true then gamers will get to have their hands on the skin by end of this month. The new Drift skin will take place of the existing green Arrow outfit. The new Crew skin is expected to release by the 31st of January. It is expected that epic games will release more teasers and cryptic messages throughout this week.

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