New HDR Mode Enabled by YouTube on Xbox Consoles!

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Catch up with the latest trending news. Go through this article featuring New HDR mode enabled by Youtube on Xbox consoles!

Youtube HDR mode

YouTube is a video sharing platform whose launch dates back to 14th Feb 2005 that is nearly 15 years ago. This online, America based application can be accessed in any corner of the world. Streaming videos on YouTube is possible under the High Dynamic Range (HDR). Streaming live HDR video and gaming content is also possible, and viewers can also watch these HDR streams too. This feature not only provides a treat to your eyes but also gives a delightful experience. It enables the color to be more vibrant and ensures more realistic overall visuals.

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New HDR Mode Enabled by YouTube on Xbox Consoles!

Microsoft has provided access to Xbox consoles to support HDR YouTube videos. Only Play Station 4 has supported HDR videos since 2019, but Microsoft was only promising HDR support since 2017. Finally, the wait is over, and now all the Xbox consoles can show HDR videos.

New HDR Mode Enabled by YouTube on Xbox Consoles!

Xbox One, Xbox X, and S Series will display YouTube in HDR mode, but Play Station 5 still doesn’t feature that. Thus, it is a big jump for Xbox against its rival.

According to the console you use, the maximum resolution varies. That implies that Xbox Series X supports a 4K display at 60fps, but the Xbox One S Series supports 1440p HDR at the same 60 fps. You will be able to observe the difference in the brightness and clarity of the colors and visuals. HDR visuals are always noticeably better.

Until and unless the device supports HDR view, Youtube will not provide HDR contents; therefore, you need not do any manual switch in your device to enable HDR content provision because Youtube will automatically do so. If that’s not the case, you can enable the “Stats for nerds” panel in Xbox to properly HDR output.

There are only a few contents available in the Youtube app in HDR mode. Due to which Xbox console owners will not be able to enjoy the benefit to the maximum extend. Some trailers and videos have recently come or coming up with HDR options. But, most HDR contents are only test videos because not many are uploading their content in HDR.

So. there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the New HDR Mode Enabled by YouTube. To get all the latest updates on Games and Technologies, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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