Fortnite Seattle Sounders Cup – When is it happening ? : Fortnite

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If you are a fan of Fortnite Seattle Sounders Cup both then here is good news for you.  Seattle Sounder is one of the leading football clubs in the world. They are soon going to have their own Fortnite outfits for gamers to wear in Fortnite. The jersey is all set to be available for Fortnite gamers from 23rd January 2021. A tournament will be organized collectively by Epic Games and Seattle Sounders and the reward is Seattle sounders outfits for free.

Fortnite Seattle Sounders Cup

Fortnite Seattle Sounders Cup - When is it happening ? : Fortnite

A Special Fortnite tournament is being organized that gives you a chance to win Seattle Sounders outfits for free. The tournament is to be held for 1 day only. It will start from 23rd January 2021 and to take place at 5 pm PT and ends at 7 pm PT.  The event is open to all tournaments but your server should be set to the NA West region. The format of the Seattle Sounders Cup is a duos tournament. The solo tournament was held on 21st January.

Seattle Sounders Cup Scoring

  • The team getting the victory royale will be awarded 20 points
  • If the team stands 2nd then he will be awarded 15 points
  • The team getting 3rd position will be awarded 13 points
  • If the team stand between 6th to 10th position, he will get 8 points
  • The team getting 11-15th position will be getting 7 points
  • If the team stand between 16th-20th position will be awarded 6 points

The team that will stand among the top 50 will be getting early access to the outfits and kits of the Seattle Sounders. The sounder will be featuring Atlanta United and LAFC to face each other in a face-off competition. The kick-off sets from sounders are from Rave Green.

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