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In this article we were going to discuss about an new update to season 13 umbral engram in Destiny 2.

And bungie have announced in blog they were going to get the umbral endgram again in destiny2 season 13 which were going to be released on February 9th,2021.

Umbral Engram Destiny 2


  • Umbral engram was firstly introduced on seasons of arrivals season 11. Bungie was again introducing back the umbral engram to season 13.
  • With new features and missions increase in game players will also get interest to play game. Bungie was also planning to introduce the umbral engram with little changes in season 13.
  • Introducing an new season activity in game will provide the players the new rewards and new ways, sources for gaining rewards.  Already players have experienced the umbral engram in season of arrivals.
  • In this season 13 bungie have introduced Primatic Recaster item. After accessing this item players can able to select specific weapons and armor from umbral engrams based on their stats of their own.


  • In season 13, players can receive the umbral engram by participating in activities of season. As information written by bungie players can also receive some umbral engram from battles and fights.
Below is the List Where can Receive Umbral Engram
  1. Patrols
  2. Strikes
  3. Crucible
  4. Gambit
  5. The Ordeal
  6. Public Events
  7. Blind Well
  8. Nightmare Hunts
  9. Exo Challenges
  10. Empire Hunts
  11. New Seasonal Activity


  • As per information umbral engram comes from various ways in this season 13. But weren’t many available as in season of arrivals.
  • And prismatic recaster have came with capability to change umbral engrams and with different pages on each season. In this players can able to focus endgram and can decode later player can select their target weapons that they want in season 13 of their own choice.
  • As per information available in bungie blog they were introducing an new feature called prismatic lens. This will unlock focusing option to players. It can be unlocked by completing the various tasks and missions on season 13.
  • As information the season 13 of destiny 2 bungie were planning to release on 9th February,2021. So, that’s it guys this was all information on destiny2 umbral engram.

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