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PUBG game has gripped the world in its fist and kept us entertained throughout. Easy to play, interesting game plot, free-to-play, and online game discussions; these are some of the highlights that have made PUBG mobile games so popular globally. Now the PUBG Mobile Korean version has gotten itself an update, named update 1.2. Being one of the most popular mobile games in the world; the update is designed for country’s Korea and Japan alone. This update was unfortunately not for the global version, but no need to feel despair over it. We at Gamestanza will show you how to receive the update 1.2 through APK files. 

What Is the PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update And How To Download It?

PUBG mobile korean version update 1.2: All latest information and how to download

PUBG mobile game players in Japan and Korea can receive the update 1.2 through Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their Android or iOS phones. Those who are not residing in these countries can enjoy the Update 1.2 and along with it the newly launched Runic Power Mode in the game through APK files or another option available in TapTap.

PUBG Mobile game Korean Version  update 1.2

PUBG mobile korean version update 1.2: All latest information and how to download

  • Download the TapTap application from the official website.  It is better to scan your phone before this and update your phone to the latest software update to enable smooth sailing of the PUBG game. 
  • Download the APK file you will see there. If the file doesn’t open, you have to give access to the application by enabling the “Install From Unknown Source’ option that you will see either on the screen or in the phone’s setting. 
  • If you have to give access to the APK files through setting here’s what you need to do. Go to setting in your phone, first. Go inside Safety and Privacy. You will see an installation from Unknown Sources option there. Enable it and the process is done. 
  • Locate the TapTap application in your phone and install it. Then, open the application to search for PUBG Mobile Korea. 
  • Among the numerous search results that will be visible on the screen upon the search for PUBG Mobile Korea, follow your intuition and download the one you see the most relevant. If you witness an older version too, you will most likely find an update option there. 
  • Download the resource packs to allow the game’s functionality to increase for the 1.2 updates. When the whole process is done with in-game patches and other factors, you will able to enjoy the PUBG Mobile Korean version with the 1.2 updates to your heart’s content. 

Overall Verdict On PUBG Mobile 1.2 Update

It is advisable to check whether APK files are legal in your country or not. Accessing PUBG Mobile is not banned in India according to the government’s verdict on Gem Wire’s RTI on the subject. 

PUBG mobile korean version update 1.2: All latest information and how to download

In case your first trial at downloading the APK files for PUBG Mobile game with 1.2 update results in failure, try again with the exact steps listed above. The PUBG mobile doesn’t look to be launching any sooner than March’2021. Until then, players like you can touch on your skills with the PUBG Mobile Korean version. 

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