How to Get Knives in Scott Pilgrims Vs The World ? – How to series. : Scott Pilgrims VS the world

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The game has been around for about 10 years now. Based on the popular movie of the same name. It is a fun game to play. Players can choose to play as various characters within the game once you download their individual DLCs. However, Knives Chau is a little bit exclusive.

Knives Chau was Scott’s high school girlfriend. A Chinese-Canadian highschool girl who can be described as Scottaholic. It can be a fun DLC is to play and explore the story.

How to Get Knives in Scott Pilgrims Vs The World ? - How to series. : Scott Pilgrims VS the world

How to Get Knives in Scott Pilgrims Vs The World ? 

  • Unlocking Knives Chau is pretty simple. All you need to do is connect your game to a Ubisoft account. The game is available only on the Ubisoft store. So if you are a PC gamer, the game will automatically have Knives Chau unlocked.
  • For the rest of the people, the process can be slightly tricky.
  • For Ninetendo, Xbox and PS lovers. First of all you need to locate the Ubisoft Connect option within the game. After that you should get redirected to the Ubisoft store.
  • Once you are there, you simply login to the store and exit the page back to game main menu. Knives should now appear in your DLC.

Knives as a support character:

  • Untill you unlock Knives, she can be seen multiple times in-game as a supporting character.
  • If you are playing Scott, she will appear and blows a love cloud that will temporarily stun enemies.
  • If you are playing as Ramona, Knives will appear and give Ramona health and stamina. And many more.

Knives as a playable character:

  • Knives has a huge variety of kicks, punches, and various attacks that are bound to keep you engrossed. She can perform a spin kick, which is very good against multiple opponents.
  • You can summon Mrs. Chau, who is Knives’ mother as a support character. Mrs. Chau will scream at enemies in Chinese making them flee. It is extremely fun to play.

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