Apple Set to Make a Huge Announcement Today – What Could it be? : Technology

CBS just posted a short teaser on their Twitter account of the interview with him cook, CEO of apple. The post also said that Tim Cook made a “big announcement” for a “major new initiative.” The complete interview will be aired later today, though the internet is rife with speculation on what this new announcement could be since the post’s release. Here is an account of what we do know so far.

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“The major new initiative” of Apple

So early this morning, CBS posted a short clip from their Twitter handle. The clip showed a teaser of Tim Cook’s interview, Apple’s CEO, by senior CBS correspondent Gayle King.

Apple Set to Make a Huge Announcement Today - What Could it be? : Technology

The clip showed them talking about the recent suspension of Parler, the social media app from the Apple AppStore, in the aftermath of the US Capitol incident.

Tim Cook said that it was of extreme importance to assign the incident’s accountability to the responsible people.

When asked whether there should be any proceedings against President Donald Trump, Tim sufficed by saying, “no one is above the law.”

At the end of the clip, Miss King said that the full interview would be broadcasted the day after. She also mentioned that the interview’s purpose was not to sit and talk about random stuff but to make a big announcement.

However, the Twitter post clearly clarifies that this won’t be a product launch and that Apple is launching “a major new initiative,” which would be bigger than any product.

She was quoted saying that it was not a “product” and is “something bigger and better.”

There has been no official statement from Apple regarding this as of now. And CBS also did not actually clarify what this big announcement might actually be. Still, since the boat, people worldwide have been speculating about what this initiative could be.

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What could this announce to me?

Though there have been many wild stories all over the internet, here we list the three most probable theories

Apple Set to Make a Huge Announcement Today - What Could it be? : Technology

  1. Covid related- either apple stores are being planned for being made into vaccination centers or maybe some other covid related software or something.
  2. IOS 14 ad tracking privacy feature- there have been talks around for a long time, and maybe it’s finally coming.
  3. Some new social justice or environmental initiatives.

Well, there you have it, guys. This was all the information that you need to know about Apple’s New announcement. To get more such updates on Technology and Games, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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