Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21 – How to direct the ball correctly? : FIFA 21

    FIFA players and fans are always waiting for some new creative runs and moves in the games. And FIFA developers never cease to amaze them. The Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21 is one such creative run introduced!

    FIFA 21 is a football simulation video game developed by Electronic Arts, EA Vancouver and EA Bucharest. The game is the 28th installment in the FIFA series and was released on 9th October 2020. It is developed for platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows.

    What is a Creative Run?

    Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21 - How to direct the ball correctly? : FIFA 21

    Many new players have this question. What is a Creative Run? A creative runs are completely new ways for players to influence how attacking players runs and move the football pitch. This system is especially designed to overtake the attacking AI of FIFA 20. And also gives players a means to break down the defences with more creativity in their attacks. Currently the game has added three new creative runs for the players. They are  Directed Runs, Directed Pass & Go and Player Lock. These three new systems have provided players with more fluidity in the attacking areas and allows players to adda personal style and creative attacking moves and scenarios. These creative runs have the potential to instantly widen the skill gap in FIFA 21.

    Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21

    Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21 - How to direct the ball correctly? : FIFA 21

    This move is one of the biggest changes that has been made to the FIFA 21’s gameplay. the steps to pay the move are quite simple. But mastering it is a challenge. this Creative run move helps you to make optimum use  of the space that is available to you. Players can also make room for their team mates and bring them out from a crowded area to an empty space. With run you can very easily make space in the centre too. If you are applying this move then the defender will some how have to leave the centre creating space.  So lets see what are the steps to play this move in the game.

    1. Pass the Ball
    2. After that quickly flick your stick in the direction you want the players who just passed to start running
    3. Then use his run to occupy a defender or play him in if he breaks free.

    This may seem simple enough but is really hard to master. And using it at your maximum advantage is even harder. Many players ma find it difficult at first but once mastered, it will prove to be a boon.

    So that was all about the directed pass and go in the FIFA 21. Stay tuned for more such articles on Gamestanza.

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