Onmyoji coming on Android and iphone on 10th January – Game review and updates.

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Onmyoji is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with PVP or PVE battles. The game was developed by Net Ease Inc. and is specially designed for platforms such as Android, IOS, and Microsoft windows. Onmyoji: The card game will soon be launching on these platforms for the players. The game is played in the Mnmyoji world. It is a yokai duel card mobile title. In this the players travel to Shinkaro, which is a paradise for Yokai. And there they paly a card game known as Hyakuban. There the players can duel with interesting characters, can unlock the yokai stories which will allow them to meet Shikigami.

The game has created lively Japanese style scenes and has also introduced new shikigami card portraits. The card game extends the artistic version of the original Onmyoji. This game adopts the fresh take on Traditional CCG. The main strategy or the core of the game is to to combine shikigsmi and their exclusive cards. The card mechanics will be constantly updated in the game offering the players with a new challenge each time.

Onmyoji Game launch

Onmyoji coming on Android and iphone on 10th January - Game review and updates.

The game has already had a soft launch in Asia and Australia. But now it is planning to have an official launch in Europe. North America, South America and other regions on the 10th of January.

The developers are planning on taking the game to a global level. The game will be run on a universal global server and the server language will be English. This will be done in almost a month after launching the game world wide. The players are eagerly waiting for this game to be launched so that they can have access to it at the earliest.


Events during the launch

Onmyoji coming on Android and iphone on 10th January - Game review and updates.

There are going to be events with some cool rewards after the launch.

  • First event: Server launch rally bonus.

When the game will be officially launched all the players will gat a login bonus and unlocking bonus. Also there are 5 different levels of bonuses. The rewards to be unlocked include old*6666, Myth Scroll*10, Jikikaeru Ticket*1, Talisman*200, and the special title” Joyful Gathering.

  • Second Event: Seven-day sing in Bonus

Here , after the launch, players will be getting different rewards each day for the next weak. The rewards are popular card, Evolved: Shuten Doji, random SSR cards, the rare card back “Gather Together”, and many more.

  • Third Event : Onmyoji game crossovers

The game will have a long term crossover with the other Onmyoji games. Where the players will have complete the quests and gain rewards like crossover titles, icons, and card packs.

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