Xiaomi Mi 10i Review – Bang For The Buck, Best Budget Smartphone? : Technology

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Xiaomi Mi 10i 5G, the latest offering by Xiaomi was launched on January 5th in India. It was a tweaked version of Mi 10 lite. The company claimed that the I in 10i meant India. Read till the end of the article to find out the specs, the pricing, and our review.


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Which Models Are Available For Sale?

The Mi 10i 5G is available for sale in 3 models. They are:

  • 6GB+64GB
  • 6GB+128GB
  • 8GB+128GB

Xiaomi Mi 10i Review - Bang For The Buck, Best Budget Smartphone? : Technology

Which Colours Are Available:

The Mi 10i 5G is available in Pacific Sunrise, Midnight Black and Atlantic Blue colours.

Xiaomi Mi 10i Review - Bang For The Buck, Best Budget Smartphone? : Technology


  • The 6GB+64GB is available for Rs. 20,999.
  • The 6GB+128GB is available for Rs. 21,999.
  • The 8GB+128GB is available for Rs. 23,999.

Xiaomi Mi 10i Review

So, the Mi 10 series has launched another smartphone. But, this time it’s a mid-range smartphone. Mi 10 5G is the first 5G smartphone by Xiaomi in the mid-range segment. While we have already discussed the specs. We won’t waste more time on that.

  • While Xiaomi has managed to get almost everything right with this phone. The 108MP camera is the main highlight of this phone. Till now, this is the cheapest smartphone in India to have come with 108MP camera. For, a phone of this price, Xiaomi has done an excellent job with the camera. Whether you are clicking a photo in a well-lit area or in dim-lit areas, expect fantastic results.
Xiaomi Mi 10i Review - Bang For The Buck, Best Budget Smartphone? : Technology
  • The Mi 10i runs has the 750G Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and is 5G supported. As we all know that the 750G processor is a very good processor, so, you won’t be disappointed with the performance. You can do multitasking without any issues.
  • The most infamous thing about Xiaomi phones has been their skin MIUI. MIUI is constantly criticised for bloatware and ads. The Mi 10i also has MIUI working. But there are no Ads present, and you will enjoy a seamless experience, with all the customization present in the MIUI 12.
  • While there are some issues with the phone too, but, they are some minor problems. Like, the phone may come off as a bit heavy and seem bulky. The Macro lens is a bit disappointing. As it doesn’t do quite a good job.

All in all, it is a very good smartphone. If compared to the OnePlus Nord, Mi 10 has a comparatively weaker processor. But that doesn’t make it a bad competitor, as there isn’t quite much of a difference between the 750G and the 765G. There is a considerable difference between both the phone prices too.

If you are looking for an all-round deal at a less price, consider Mi 10i as a steal deal. 

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