PERSONA 5 ROYAL Review : Top 5 HIGHEST RATED GAME OF 2020! Here is our experience on it. : Persona 5

The Persona series has been one of the most interesting RPG series to have ever been made. Read all about the Persona 4 Royal Review: Top 5 highest-rated game of 2020.

If you had been wondering what could be new as you dive into a game that you have already finished. Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Although Persona 5 very much follows the same storyline as its predecessors, the game is really different in terms of detail orientation. Apart from that, there are new pieces of extended stories and tasks at each level.


You may feel like you know your way around a familiar scene. Right when something new gets thrown in your face. The game keeps you on your toes at all times. These minor changes add up to the whole surprising addictiveness of the game. The game’s characters have always had great depth. But, now they have even more immersive character arcs with added storylines. Especially, Akechi and Mishima have changed noticeably. To facilitate these changes, new locations have been added. And changes into many character arcs.

Immersive 4k Graphics

PERSONA 5 ROYAL Review : Top 5 HIGHEST RATED GAME OF 2020! Here is our experience on it. : Persona 5

Although, Persona 1 being a 1996 game, has seen considerable improvements in graphics, but none like Persona 5. The game supports 4k. It is bound to stun you with its intense upgrade in picture quality and details.  There are a plethora of other upgrades, which are guaranteed to make you feel the worth of your money.

Introduction of Disaster Shadows

PERSONA 5 ROYAL Review : Top 5 HIGHEST RATED GAME OF 2020! Here is our experience on it. : Persona 5

The game’s most defining aspect is its dungeon-crawling manner of fights. You are very likely to engage in repeated battles with Shadows to earn rewards. This may seem a routine affair but there is a new element of surprise here as well. Disaster Shadows are a special type of enemy, these enemies explode after dying. This adds a very cool aspect of fighting where players may choose to aim weak sections of enemy defenses to target Disaster Shadows and create explosions for easier and better team fights.

All in all, the developers know how to revamp an already great thing without spoiling what we love, and add more.

With the initial release of 2018, this game is rising in popularity. So much so that it has been among the highest-rated games of 2020. If you are worried about whether to invest in a game that you have already played. Our answer is simple, YES!.

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