Apple Might Release their AR Glasses in 2021 – Rumors, Predictions and more : Apple

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Apple launches are celebrated in the news and by Apple aficionados worldwide. Well, good news because Apple might launch their AR Glasses in 2021, according to sources, AR Glasses are supposed to be the next big thing from Cupertino-based tech giant Apple. A leap into Augmented Reality is supposed to major and futuristic from the world’s largest technology company by revenue. Let’s find out more about what the future holds for Apple and whether the rumors are true or not. 

Apple Might Release Their AR Glasses in 2021 - Rumors, Predictions and More : Apple

Rumours And Predictions About AR

Through MacRumors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is expected to reveal its Augmented Reality devices in 2021. The rumors about AR devices from Apple had been circulating since 2017. No one could say for sure when the products will actually launch, but at least we know they are in the developmental phase. We do not yet know whether it will be AR glasses or AR headsets. 

According to Bloomberg Reports, AR Glasses will hit the market in 2022-23. This will give Apple brands loyal customers plenty of time to save up. Apple Glass will cost above $499 according to YouTuber Jon Prosser and Financial Times reports that Apple is considering two types of models of its AR Glasses. Reports say that AR glasses are in the second phase of their development. Apple AirPods 3 may arrive in the first half of 2021, according to predictions by Kuo. 

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Expectations And Verdict From Apple

AR Glasses are said to be evolutionary, not revolutionary by some. It is a piece of fantastic news for most, considering Apple AR glasses are no longer about ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will be launched. Expectations are high from the newest generation inventions from Apple as the world’s most valuable brand.

Here’s a visual reference if you want to know more about Apple AR Glasses.

Sydney Morning Herald has reported recently that, like its other competitors, Apple too is expected to start producing electric cars with autonomous driving in 2020-21. Stay tuned with Game Stanza to know regular updates on Apple, Technology, and the gaming world.

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