Doom Eternal Sword – Where can you find the Doom Eternal Sword? : Doom Eternal

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Doom Eternal Sword: In this article we were going to discuss about one of the most adventures and action shooting game Doom Eternal swords, ways to grab them in this game to kill the enemies.

Doom Eternal an single and multiplayer shooting game created by Id software. And it was one of most playable, adventurous game with lots of adventures and battles published by Bethesda softworks on march 20th,2020. it was available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S.

Where To Find Doom Eternal Sword  ?

Doom Eternal Sword - Where can you find the Doom Eternal Sword? : Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal have many number of weapons for fighting with enemies. among them Crucible sword is one of the most powerful sword available in game to kill the enemies easily.

Crucible sword also known as Crucible blade a legendary weapon available on Doom Eternal. which will help the players to beat strong and powerful enemies available in the game. crucible sword is one of the powerful sword in this game.

Player can find the crucible sword in ninth mission of the game Taras Nabad. At that mission player(Doomslayer) will reach an ancient sentinel city to retake the sword that player(Doomslayer) left the sword while starting the events. but the sword available in heart of fallen titans. player have to start and complete the mission in heart of fallen titans and player have to rebuild the sword as shown in below video.


How to use the Sword?

After receiving the sword player have limited chance of using sword. players should have to use when it was necessary while fighting with powerful demons. In order to use the sword more times players have to collect the energy bars or blades available in game. The more energy blades or bars player collect the more times player can use Crucible sword.

Doom Eternal Sword - Where can you find the Doom Eternal Sword? : Doom Eternal

As we suggest the players to carry two swords and decrease the use Crucible sword. only use Crucible sword on powerful demons like Arch vile monsters and on other monsters try to use other type of swords.

Player can use Crucible sword not only on Arch vile monster but also on other monster’s as well. but there will be limited use of Crucible Sword available in game. Players need to take care about that issues.

If players used all Crucible sword chances completely they will not able to use the sword if chances completed. So, try to use it on powerful enemies.

So, that’s all about the Doom Eternal sword for more updates On Doom Eternal stay tuned to our website game stanza.

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