What is SBMM in Warzone – How is the Skill based match making system ? is it effective? : COD Warzone

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Playing games online a worthy opponent can be a super exciting and thrilling experience. The SBMM system allows players to experience this. SBMM means Skill Based Match Making systems. But this system has been a bit controversial in the players for adding this concept COD : Warzone. Now let’s talk about What is SBMM in Warzone ?

What is SBMM in Warzone?

What is SBMM in Warzone - How is the Skill based match making system ? is it effective? : COD Warzone

  • SBMM is an automatic pairing system where the players will get an opponent with equal skill set as theirs.
  • Basically, this is an algorithm that tracks the players skill level with the help of the players stats and matches the players with other players having a similar skill set.
  • This system may seem really effective but has its own set backs. Every time a player may not want to play with the player of a skill equal to them.
  • Adding SBMM has made it impossible for the players to play a casually. Also it leads to a difficulty in playing with friends having different skill sets. And there are no rewards for improving as once you upgrade your skill, you are matched with better players.

SBMM updates!

What is SBMM in Warzone - How is the Skill based match making system ? is it effective? : COD Warzone

There has been a huge controversy over SBMM in Warzone. Initially Infinity Ward head Pat Kally claimed that there is no SBMM in the Call of Duty : Warzone. But players have doubted this statement made by Infinity Ward. As many talented Pros and streamers have faced equal competition on a regular basis which is not possible without the SBMM system working inn the game. Also the famous COD statistician took it upon himself and investigated this matter. His findings stated that the COD Warzone indeed has a SBMM system.

  • After this incident there are only 2 options. That either Infinity wards statement was a flat lie or they had originally planned for SBMM, but it was added in later on by the publisher. The players are really disappointed by SBMM being in Warzone. They all want this to be removed as soon as possible.
  • SBMM is clearly not a very popular system but the developers still implement this in the games. The main reason for this is money. This is purely business and is ruining the players enjoyment while playing. The solution for this can be that the SBMM should be there in the ranked mode and the unranked mode should stay as it is. If this one is implemented then I am sure it can be a great gaming experience.

This was all that you needed to know about SBMM in warzone.

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