Traveller Donut Holes Destiny 2 Recipe – The Dawning 2020 : Destiny 2

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We present you a guide for Traveller Donut Holes Destiny 2 Recipe, one of the favourites of Ikora that’ll help you gather bounties and quests.

Just as you eagerly wait for holiday season to come, so does the devs of Destiny 2 to bring back The Dawning phase of the game. With its startling quests and challenges of the return of The Dawning, Destiny 2 is sure to keep you occupied even at this time of the year rewarding you with Holiday treats and incredible weapons.


Traveller Donut Holes Destiny 2 Recipe

This Traveller Donut Hole Recipe of Dawning 2020 is a perfect mix of 3 ingredients. You’re going to need one Cabal Oil, one Flash of Inspiration and 15 Essence of Dawning to bake Traveller Donut Holes for Ikora. So let’s start baking;

Traveller Donut Holes Destiny 2 Recipe - The Dawning 2020 : Destiny 2

Locating the ingredients will definitely require your due diligence. But don’t worry; this article assures your win for bounties.

  • Cabab oil

Defeat a cabal anywhere in the game and you’ll be able to gather the oil. Though, RNG will have to be taken care of. Therefore we recommend, collecting cabal oil at a place with higher concenteration of cabals i.e. Firebase Charon in the EDZ

  • Flash of Inspiration

This is obtained with the help of Orbs of Power. Killing an enemy with Super will yield some drops of Orbs of Power which will further assist in creating Flash of Inspiration.

  • Essence of dawning

Simply talking to Eva and completing different quests and bounties daily will get you enough essence of dawning. Another way to gather this is by completing Heroiv Public Activities.

Traveller Donut Holes Destiny 2 Recipe - The Dawning 2020 : Destiny 2

Once you get get a hold of all the required ingredients, place them into Eva’s Holiday Oven correctly in the right slot. Hold onto the correct button, wait for it to get mixed and there you have it, freshly baked Traveller Donut Holes. Head back to the tower and bring these donuts to Ikora.

Go hurry, bake and win quests before The Dawning period gets over. If you require other Dawning guides, comment us below and keep following GameStanza.

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