Stardew Valley Fern Island Guide – How to unlock them? : Stardew Valley

Hey, guys excited about eh Satrdew Valley 1.5 new version. Today I will guide you through the Stardew Valley Fern island and how to unlock them. With a range of new things and occurrences, the Fern Islands of Stardew Valley appear larger than originally thought. Let’s see and read more.

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Stardew Valley Fern Island Guide

Stardew Valley Fern Islands Guide - How to unlock them? : Stardew Valley

  • Fern island is a big island in the Stardew valley 1.5 where One of the few non-Pelican Town advertising that players can get comes directly from Fern Island from a certain commercial. This encourages players to relax as a tourist and enjoy the island.
  • As the sea divides the numerous continents, this is an essential aspect of the Stardew Valley. This may be because the islands are very close to each other, or because war is actually taking place on the soil of Grampleton.
  • Fern Island is renowned for exporting rare fruit that can not be grown by a player. It is still unclear what conditions are needed to grow these fruits or if they are actually native to more than one island.

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How to go to ginger island?

  • The first thing you have to do is to go to the skull cavern you’re going to have to get to floor 100 once you do.
  • Willy will send you a letter saying “I have unlocked the back room of my shop come by when you have a chance there is something I want to show you”.
  • So once you did the 100 floors of skull cavern head down to willy’s and enter his shop and you will see a ship.
  • Repair the boat overnight and on the next day, you will be able to go to the island.
  • for 1000 gold you can end up going for the ginger island.

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