Samsung SSD 870 EVO Solid State Drive upto 4TB Capacity Available – Everything you need to know! : Technology

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Samsung recently gave hints that it will soon be launching 870 EVO series of solid state drive with a capacity upto 4 TB. Samsung already have QVO 870 series with storage upto 8 TB and the pro series that is samsung 980 pro ssds with capacity upto 1 Tb. Today we look at what this new variant has to offer and should you consider it?? Read on…

The new era of SSD’s

Just 5 to 6 years back there were very less number of laptops offering the solid state drive storage. Most of them preffered the well known and well-tested hard drives for storage. 

But the trend has changed drastically in the recent years with most of the mid, upper and some low ranged computers manufacturers too are offering solid state drives instead of the hard drives.

Hard drives are a 50 year old technology, over time it has changed from a big and bulky device with low read and write speeds to a portable 2 or 3 inch device with impressive storage capacities.

Hard disk drives working is based on magnetically sensitive spinning discs called platters. There is an arm, with a head for reading or writing on each of the platter, the platters are spinned and the arms are moved by using a motor which is attached to the hard disc.

There is a predetermined speed at which the platters spins. These speeds correspond to read/write speeds of the hard disc.

Ssds on the other hand can be thought of being a large usb flash drive. It uses flash technology to read and write data that is it uses electrical signals. No moving or mechanical parts are present in a solid state drive.

Samsung SSD 870 EVO Solid State Drive upto 4TB Capacity Available - Everything you need to know! : Technology

So ssds have some very obvious benefits over hdds. Some are :

  • As there is no mechanical reading/writing involved SSDs are generally much faster than HDDs.
  • Due to the lack of moving parts SDDs are less prone to damage and hence more durable.
  • Ssds require very less energy to work

However there are some drawbacks too:

  • Ssds are quite expensive
  • As they are a new technology they have limited storage capacity as yet.

The samsung EVO 870 

There are many companies in the SSD market though samsung is clearly the leader. 

Samsung SSD 870 EVO Solid State Drive upto 4TB Capacity Available - Everything you need to know! : Technology

  • The most popular of all is the samsung EVO series. Samsung produces three varities of SSDs the QVO series , the EVO series and the PRO series.
  • Of these the QVO series employs the QLC cells which can store four bits each these are the least expensive ssds from samsung. They can store large amount of data but aren’t very fast or durable.
  • The Pro series uses MLC cells which are the highest grade of cells and are quite long lasting. The read and write speed is also considerably faster.
  • The EVO series does a balancing act with it’s TLC flash, it is not as durable as an MLC but it is quite better than a QLC. These SSDs has a price tag in between those of the pro series and the QVO series.

So it would be quite interesting to see a 4 TB sdd in samsung EVO 870 series as it can offer the users a great value for money..

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