Eyes of Tomorrow Destiny 2 – Everything you have to know : Destiny 2

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Eyes of Tomorrow Destiny 2

To keep the players into the game and get new players, the game developers add expansions to the gameplay. It seems similar to game upgrades but is a smart strategy to achieve the former. ‘Beyond Light’ is the name of the 5th expansion, that came out as recently as 10th November 2020. Not even a month went by and it became quite popular, thus marking a major expansion for this game. With this expansion came new zones, new challenges and most importantly, new weapons and eyes of tomorrow is one among the latter.

Eyes of Tomorrow Destiny 2 - Everything you have to know : Destiny 2

In short, eyes of tomorrow is a next-level rocket launcher that is yet the best in this game.

  • Its ability to track and fire multiple targets in one single shot is both cool and deadly.
  • This weapon sends tracking missile on the opponents which ensure your kill.
  • On taking out four enemies in one shot, you will be able to activate its ‘Adaptive Ordnance’ and boost the damage by small margin within the next shot.

Such an empowering weapon is not that easy to gain.

Unlocking Eyes of Tomorrow

Eyes of Tomorrow Destiny 2 - Everything you have to know : Destiny 2

To own this exotic weaponry, you must complete a raid in the ‘Deep Stone Crypt’. Once you defeat the final boss, named Taniks-the Abomination, a chest box will appear. On opening it, you may or may not unlock the Eyes of Tomorrow, only if it’s your first try. Completing this raid ain’t going to be easy if you are planning to achieve it as an individual. Team up with your mates to easily tackle the challenge and be sure of giving your best. Your chances to get this weapon is best when you are diligent about the time that passed by, after your last raid.

Hope you have an exotic playtime!

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