Recon Data Destiny 2 – Easy Ways To Collect Recon Data and how to use it? : Destiny 2

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Recon Data Destiny 2 is a new currency included in destiny 2 season of Hunt. Recon data will increase the reputation level of crow. not only reputation by leveling up crow player will get new access of hunts, powerful mods and many other. In order to level up crow player need lot of recon data.

Recon Data Destiny 2

Recon Data Destiny 2 - Easy Ways To Collect Recon Data and how to use it? : Destiny 2

Mainly, you can get Recon data by completing Wrath Hunts and Season pass. To participate in Wrathborn Hunt you need to complete Cryptolith Lure. the cryptolith lure is important to participate in Wrathborn Hunt. you will achieve cryptolith from spider when you have started new season. the more you achieve the crytolith that much times you can participate in Wrathborn Hunts. To receive Recon data you have to achieve and complete each and every tasks.

Easy Ways To Collect Recon Data

  • At Season ranks 32,52,72,92 if you’re having paid season pass for season hunt.
  • And if you have a paid season pass you will receive a Reputation boost for crow and also will get increased Recon data per every Hunt.
  • Alternately, you can also receive Recon data in Wrath Hunts. every hunt done by you will award across 5 Recon Data as a base level for you.
  • And there was mod called Trophy mod in Cryptolith Lure provides an huge Recon data from a Wrathborn hunt. Using this Mod You can also boost up Crow for upper level.

Getting the Recon data in destiny 2 was not much easy task. In order to achieve more Recon data you have to participate multiple times in Wrathborn Hunt. To participate in Wrathborn Hunt you require much crytolith lure.

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