Cyperpunk 2077 Garry The Prophet Quest – Full Guide : Cyberpunk 2077

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‘Garry the prophet’ is a character in the new popular game cyberpunk 2077. The character is made based on a steamer CohhCarnage who is a popular twitch steamer. The character cameo is seen as a very amazing crossover that CD project Red came up in the game. The mission involves finding him. Let’s Talk about Cyperpunk 2077 Garry The Prophet Quest.

About the Game

Cyperpunk 2077 Garry The Prophet Quest - Full Guide : Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action and adventure game whose story revolves around a night city that has power, glamour, and body modification. Gamers are given a chance to play as a mercenary law and have to build their own legends on the streets. You can use numerous weapons, hacking skills, and body enhancing implants to prove yourself the best-equipped gun in the town. You have to fight against the police, gangs, and other mercenaries in order to gain control of the street to access better jobs. You can buy weapons, cards, cyber ware, motorcycles, and clothing from the money earned.

Cyperpunk 2077 Garry The Prophet Quest

Cyperpunk 2077 Garry The Prophet Quest - Full Guide : Cyberpunk 2077

As soon as the game released fans were excited to meet ‘Garry the prophet’ so they moved straight to the mission. Although the character just plays a very small role in the game, it isn’t that easy to find him. He is found at one of the most High profile stages of the mission in the game.

In order to find Garry the prophet, you will have to go to Chinatown in Watson or begin a mission that includes Vic the Ripperdoc. This mission is given at a very early stage of the game and allows you to earn some Cyber ware upgrades. Garry is found just outside a shop by the name Chakara Harmonization shop. As soon as you will leave the shop you will find Garry giving a lecture right in the alley. The lecture is all about protecting the youth from the advancements in 2077. As soon as people leave you can chat with Garry and even donate him something right at the end of the chat. So this marks the end of the small Cameo but fans are seen enjoying this.

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