How to redeem vbucks card on ps4 – Fortnite fans don’t have to be riddled anymore : Fortnite

    Read all the way through to learn how to redeem a vbucks card on ps4.

    If you’re a hardcore fan of the popular battle royale game Fortnite. And you have an admiration for its artistic range of skins and sets. Then I am sure you have attempted to utilize Vbucks or purchase them through your credit card. It can be a lot of hassle to go through a payment gateway. Here is how you can do it via a prepaid game card.

    What are Vbucks?

    Vbucks are the in-game currency in Fortnite. If you wish to make any kind of purchase, you are required to buy it in terms of the Vbucks money. From Battlepass to hero skins, or seasonal events. If you want premium access, you pay through Vbucks. To acquire Vbucks, one can either add their card to the epic games website and make a purchase. Or, the safer method is prepaid gamecards.

    How to redeem vbucks card on ps4 - Fortnite fans don't have to be riddled anymore : Fortnite

    I am sure, we are all familiar with prepaid cards from steam, google play, etc. A Fornite gamecard, known as Vbucks Card, can be purchased anywhere, from online ordering websites to your nearest retail shop.

    You should note that once a Vbucks card has been redeemed then the Vbucks are non-transferrable. You can only gift things to your friends with Vbucks if you don’t need them anymore.

    How to redeem vbucks card on PS4?

    How to redeem vbucks card on ps4 - Fortnite fans don't have to be riddled anymore : Fortnite

    1. Step 1: You have to log in to your epic games’ Fortnite website. To do that you need to access the website using a computer. If you attempt this from your phone then you cannot redeem Vbucks, only Voucher Codes.
    2. Step 2: Once on the website click login. The website asks you on which device you have played Fortnite. Choose, Playstation, and enter your login information. Find the drop-down menu, by clicking on your account name and find the option for Vbucks.
    3. Step 3: Enter your 16 Digit number as written in the Vbucks Card. After submitting the number you will receive a 12 digit Voucher Code. Write this code somewhere down.
    4. Step 4: Now, open the game on Playstation, using L1/R1 button choose the Vbucks area. Find the option “Add Funds” and scroll down to “redeem code”. Here you need to enter your 12 digit voucher code.

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