xQc Found Guilty For Cheating? Get To Know Truth Behind The Cheat Folder On His PC

If you are a fan of the internet gaming world and follow up with YouTube-Gamers and Gaming Tournaments, then the name Fall Guys Twitch Rivals tournament mustn’t be foreign. 

Who is xQc, And Why Is He Blamed For Cheating?

Recently during the tournament events, xQc was pointed out/blamed for cheating in the game. Now those who might not know them, xQc is a famous gamer who takes part in competitions such as this all the time. His popularity on Twitter is remarkable.

This isn’t his first controversy. Currently, he is being slammed by other players for cheating in the game.

Felix Lengyel, aka xQc, revealed his computer screen mid-game while streaming, albeit accidentally, and was quickly outed for presumed cheating during the game. 

xQc Found Guilty For Cheating? Get To Know Truth Behind The Cheat Folder On His PC

The scandal surely didn’t subside easily, considering the ‘File Explorer’ folder was literally named ‘Cheats.’ Talk about tough luck. He was suspended from Twitch and, on top of that, a 6-month ban from Twitch Rivals eventsDays aren’t really going for Felix, it seems.

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Recap Of The Twitch Controversy

Long story short, we will give you a short recap of the events that occurred during the tournament. On Nov’20, during the gaming event, xQc was caught, apparently red-handed, by fellow gamers Tyler1 & Shroud. Since then, the players have said that they have lost their respect for xQc. Loyal fans defended xQc on Twitter, but he asked his fans to stop and accepted the blame. 

Now current information suggests that it was actually not intentional. The gamer defended himself that the cheat folder actually revealed while he tried to mute himself. While he did appear panicked and screamed with generated suspicions among other players, he has a valid reason for the cheat folder. 

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xQc’s Recent Defence And Statement

According to him, and we are just rephrasing his words for your understanding, the cheat folder was a requirement for Pokemon games. The cheat folder, in reality, contained files within itself named Cyberpunk, Battery, Fall Guys with others. But the folder that opened, to the streamer’s credit, was empty. We will quote exactly what xQc said to let you make your opinion;

“Whenever you download a game like Pokemon, and you have a randomizer, and your randomizer, there’s something called ‘cheats,’ and those cheats are like to make the game different,”: xQc firstly elaborated the reason behind the creation of the folder.

 “If you’re doing a certain run, you have to use a cheats folder. It’s called cheats because you’re cheating the game. You’re cheating it. Either to make it harder or easier.” was xQc’s statement about the whole incident, which caused quite a ripple in the Twitch gaming world. If you catch a vision of how the whole incident went down, here’s a video attached for your reference;

This news has, of course, delighted his leftover Twitter followers since then. And we can see in foresight that this incident will do nothing of a solid impact on xQc’s reputation. After all, the whole incident was done in a standard xQc manner. He has given his justification for the incident. 

The Twitch community is strict about rules and regulations, and we’ll see if xQc’s defense works in his favor or not. xQc has since lost many Twitter followers, the number going down from 4.4million to 852.2K Followers. Stay tuned to Game Stanza for more updates on Twitch and the gaming world. 

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