Huawie Harmony OS 2.0 Updates and features

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When it comes to comes to Operating systems, the world is dominated by two of them. That being the Apple IOS or the Google Android. In this situation, the Chinese company Huawei has come up with its own operating system, Harmony OS.

Harmony OS

Harmony OS first version was unveiled on 9th August 2019. The company has described Harmony to be as a free, microkernel-based distributed operating system that is applicable on various types of hardware. It offers faster inter-process communication than QNX or Google’s Fuchisia microkernel states the company. They also stated that developers can flexibly position this software over various devices. The company has mainly focused on the IoT devices. They also include smart displays, wearable devices and in-car entertainment systems and have not restricted it to only Mobile OS.

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Huawie Harmony OS 2.0 Updates and features

Harmony OS 2.0

Harmony OS 2.0 version was released recently on 16h December 2020. This version of harmony does not change the interface much from the first version. The update can be installed on Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei Mate 30, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and the Huawei MatePad Pro. This version also allows the users to download Android apps as well. The phones running with EMUI 11 will be upgraded to Harmony Os. Also, The company will allow users to roll back to EMUI 11 in case they wish to opt-out from the Harmony 2.0 version. Its is officially open-source and developers will gain access to emulators, SDK packages, and IDE tools. This version is more suitable for innovative domestic PCs, watches, bracelets, and cars.

Huawie Harmony OS 2.0 Updates and features

The core features remain the same. They allow you to share between terminals and also bring the best collaborative experience.

The first Harmony 2.0 smartphone will be launched in 2021 states the company president Wang Chenglu. The smartphone will have a RAM of 128KB to 128MB. The company aims to install Harmony Os in over 100 million devices in 2021.

But there are also controversies on this new OS that it is still based on the Android. For instance, the app Hello World or Kitkat4.4.4 throws a very similar error notification on both Android and Harmony OS. In the message, only the word Andriod is swapped with Harmony OS.  You can also use ADB ( Android Debug Bridge) to pass along instructions to the HOS Virtual Device.  While doing so a developer managed to extract most of the system partition from the virtual device, revealing that the build contains the framework of android.

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