Top 10 mmorpg games of 2021 – Every gamer is waiting for these games in 2021!

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This article will explain everything that you need to know about the Top 10 MMORPG games of 2021 – soon to be released. Here is full detail.

  1. Blue protocol:

    The new RPG by Bandai Namco challenges players to save the planet from destruction. The environments look detailed and come alive as characters battle giant monsters against them. Four classes already have to be chosen: Warriors, Strikers, Archers, and Spellcasters, with more following soon.


Developed by teams who worked on Tales and Tekken, the war already seems sufficiently promising. It is expected for publication in Japan at the beginning of 2021, but an English place is still on the horizon.

  1. Ashes of Creation:

    The MMORPG is a tough genre to get correct and Ashes of Creation aims to accomplish that. Intrepid Studios’ take, entirely designed to adapt to the shortcomings of the genre, provides a complex universe where players themselves construct the background of the world of the game.

Carve cultures from their nodes, and together, from their experiences, they can build the universe. It’s been compared to games like Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved, with accommodation and huge siege battles. It’s expected to be released in 2021.

  1. New World:

    The New Universe pulls you into the Everlasting Isle of Aeternum, where you will be compelled to take up arms by the greedy darkness to save the world. Interestingly enough, there are no divisions in the game to speak of. Instead, to level up your base attributes as well as your weapon supremacy, you get free reigns.

The previews have so far shown off their fighting inspired by Souls. It will be launched on the PC in the spring of 2021.

  1. Mad World:

    Jandisoft developers show their 2D environment for immersion. It seems pretty lightweight visually. Yet, there are a lot of MMORPG elements at play beneath the gritty art.


Fighting is not Mad World’s main priority. There aren’t divisions here, but you’re going to be battling epic bosses with gun-based fights and their huge ability trees.  It will be released in 2021.

  1. Crimson Desert:

    Crimson Desert will be its own narrative-focused game with entirely new tales and environments. Lead your own party of mercenaries and navigate the war-torn land of Pywell, a medieval fantasy. The single-player campaign is sufficiently compelling. But, MMORPG components including PvP will also be included.


What started as a BDO prequel has taken a more original turn, and it looks gorgeous in the Gaelic plot. Information is incomplete, but the PC is expected to be released in 2021.

  1. Profane:

Profane brings its players into their dynamic 3D universe. As it brings open world PvP with a complete loot system and no safe areas, it encourages you to completely immerse your preferred positions. Strengthen your characters, establish relationships, or relax into your own territory’s silence. There’s no leveling scheme and no grades.

Currently, there may also be more improvements to come in the Alpha level. No deadline for release yet.

  1. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen:

    A modern fantasy MMO where you build your own hero from their nine races and twelve classes to strategize against the obstacles of the fractured realms and team up with mates. Pantheon places a strong emphasis on socialization, with experiences involving suitable variations of each hero’s powers.


It’s not going to be long now that it’s in Pre-Alpha before fans actually witness McQuaid’s vision and the fruits of their encouragement.

  1. The saga of Lucimia:

    An MMORPG with no PvP is supported by Stormhaven Studios. Saga is another high-fantasy RPG that focuses on group-based fighting against the world’s challenges. You get to build your own tale inside their vast mythology, along with your mates, based on D&D.


Dive into the Lucimia Kingdoms and play as distinct races, ranging from humans to elemental species. With no grades, by selecting from hundreds of upgradeable powers, you get to personalize your characters. In the 4th quarter of 2021, it is going to release.

  1. Corepunk:

    An MMORPG with an open isometric environment in 3D. Take the Kwalat domain and pick from four sects that each have traditions and beliefs of their own. Seamless is a term that always pops up when it makes you under a MOBA-like fog of war to enter the beautiful open world.


Although it has the core roster of group positions, it makes it simple to develop a build particularly for your combat style with its versatile class structure. There’s no release date yet, but this fourth quarter will begin with Open Beta.

  1. Crowfall:

    With the open-world feel of MMOs, Crowfall blends aspects of survival and strategy games and political Sims. There are 11 classes on sale and 12 races. It also has passive skill-testing like EVE Online on top of normal player skill tree scaling.

Regardless of how that will happen at the account stage, helping you to level up all the characters. In their ongoing Test signups, you will contend with hundreds of thousands, but alas, there is no release date yet.




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