Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations: Easy farm method

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Unlike Other Animals, Spoonbills are some of the Tricky to find Types of Creatures that you will come across on Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Before that, let’s talk a bit about Red Dead Online and Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations.

About Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online, An Action-adventure, online multiplayer Game Published and developed by Rockstar Games. After a few tests and Tinkers in Beta version, Red Dead Online finally made its way to the official release for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in May 2019. Later in November same year, it released for Microsoft Windows and Stadia. In December this year(2020) released a standalone version with the Latest “GTA Online, The Cayo Perico Heist.

Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations: Easy farm method

Similar to Red Dead Redemption 2(The single-player Version), the online version has almost all of the features. Features like Horse riding, maintaining player honor, free roam, and most importantly, hunting. Which we will be talking later about a specific animal(spoonbill) in this article.

Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations:

Spoonbills can be found on the Lemoyne’s Bayou Area above(North) Saint denis. You can spot these big birds spawning around the swampy area that runs along the map’s western borders.

Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations: Easy farm method

If you could not find them there, you can head to the area surrounding Lagras and look around for the spoonbill that spawns in that area. You may have a bit of hard-luck finding this Creature because of the large number of players hunting these birds. And if you don’t find spoonbill over there, then change the lobby using the online Function in the Pause menu. Allowing you to generate new spawns by loading into a new lobby/server.

Red Dead Online Spoonbills Locations: Easy farm method

To get perfect quality skin, you have to use a “Varmint Rifle,” which will cost you around 75$ in Red Dead Online money. And make sure you take one-shot kills on these creatures.

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