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Games Similar to Fortnite. Fortnite has become a real madness, with an increasing number of online players ready to take on new challenges, and the strongest become real stars on the web. Fortnite, with its main competitor PUBG, dominates the sales and download rankings of all PC games and games for Android and iOS smartphones.

They are games that have innovated the genre of third-person shooters and FPS (first-person), with challenges all against everyone in an open field, with groups of 100 fightings until there is only one player left alive (Battle Royale genre inspired by the Hunger Games movies).

The rise of Battle Royale games

In addition to Fortnite and PUBG, in the last year, many other games similar to Fortnite or games of the Battle Royale genre have been released, which can be played online on Android, iOS, and Windows PC, with many varieties that can be even more fun than Fortnite, to try out new challenges and enter different online communities where it can still be more comfortable to become the strongest.

This list of the best games similar to Fortnite, for free, plays online in multiplayer challenges on Android smartphones, iPhone, and even Windows PC.

Here are the 19 games similar to Fortnite:

1. Call Of Duty (Android and iPhone)

Call of Duty: Mobile Android and iOS | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: Firstpost

It is the best of the free Battle Royale games that take up the 20-year series of war shooting games. Call of Duty Mobile is a high graphic game that requires a suitable specification android device to run the game. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best games that come under games similar to Fortnite.

2. Apex Legends, game released in 2019 by EA (PC, Xbox, and Playstation 4)

Apex Legends | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: License Global

It is a Battle Royale shooting game set in the Universe of Titanfall, in teams of three, against teams of 57 other players to try to survive to the end. What makes Apex Legends different from Fortnite is that each player can choose one of eight available character classes, each represented by a unique character and skill, becoming a kind of Fornite mixed with Overwatch.

3. Ring of Elysium (PC)

Ring of Elysium | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: VG247

Less Battle Royale and cartoonish than Fortnite, more suitable for more adult players. Another game similar to Fortnite which is

4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: mxdwn Games

It’s a free royal battle game in which you compete against 18 players together. Weapons and equipment are similar to other modes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game usually lasts about 10 minutes, so it’s perfect for those who like fast action.

5. H1Z1 (PC)

H1Z1 | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: God is a Geek

H1Z1 is not a new game. It was released before PUBG, and Fortnite exploded in popularity, has found a new life after its release on PlayStation 4 and a new machine-centric mode called “auto royale,” very fast. Even here, you fall on an island to search for weapons and fight them all to death. Many customization options and car chaos adds a different dimension to the game than Fortnite, with very violent car racing.

6. RULES OF SURVIVAL (PC,  iPhone and Android)

USD 1 Million is up for grabs with Rules of Survival's Ca$h'n Shoot!
Credit: ungeek

It is a box office champion with several million players, free on computers and smartphones like Fortnite and PUBG. Although not particularly original, Rules of Survival has the advantage of being designed from the beginning for mobile phones and is therefore superior for touchscreen controls. Rules of Survival also has a battle with up to 300 fighters together on the field, thus exceeding the limit of 100 Fortnite and PUBG.

7. Creative Destruction (PC, iPhone and Android)

Creative Destruction | Season 9 | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: YouTube

It is one of the most similar games to Fortnite, with many active players, a great map with different landscapes, and games for 100 people. You can create and destroy things, you can play in the third or first person, and it’s a lot of fun.

8. Realm Royale (PC)

Realm Royale | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: Eurogamer

It is practically Fortnite with components of fantasy role-playing games. The biggest differentiator is that Realm Royale has a class system that allows you to play as a magician, hunter, knight, or other, and have specific skills compared to your opponents. The class system also adds interesting dynamics to team play, and it becomes essential to form a team with different skills.

While Fortnite focuses on building structures to help players create defenses or reach high points on the map, Realm Royale plans to develop new weapons and items to improve skills. Finally, on the map of the great game, you can move on horseback.

9. Darwin Project (PC)

Darwin Project | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: Fandom

In the Hunger Games-style, the game sees ten players facing each other, aiming to stay alive until the end. There is also a role for those who do not want to fight but want to be the director of the battle by setting traps and controlling the arena to make others’ survival even more difficult.

10. Cuisine Royale (PC)

CUISINE ROYALE | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: Play Games

It is crucial Fortnite, where dishes such as pots and pans are used. Although it may seem like a parody, in the end, the game develops well. It is fast and without gameplay problems, with battles in groups of 30 players at once. Cuisine Royale is, for the time being, free for all.

11. Knives Out-Tokyo Royale (Android and iPhone)

Knives Out | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: QooApp

It is a popular Battle Royale game only for smartphones and mobile phones, with the same mechanisms as Fortnite and PUBG. You can play as a team. There are very varied maps and many weapons to use.

12. PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND (Android and iPhone)

PIXEL'S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND | Games similar to Fortnite
Credits: Malavida

It is a clone of PUBG, with pixel style graphics. Players jump onto the battlefield to find weapons and items and to kill other players to survive as long as possible. There is an in-game chat, automatic shooting, and above all requires lower graphics settings for low-end phones.

13. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (PC)

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
Credits: YouTube

It was released as April Fool’s Day. It then became one of the most imaginative battle games of 2018, with countless melee weapons and distance, accessories, and equipment to ensure that every battle is unpredictable and messy, never predictable. The unique thing about TABG is the ridiculous characterization of characters and character movements, which jump and fall even in a fun way.

14. Garena Free Fire (Android and iPhone)

Garena Free Fire
Credits: Digit

It’s one of the most popular Royale battle shooting games on Google Play and the iTunes store, with over 100 million downloads. Up to 50 participants, and you can also play on teams with voice chat. The graphics are decent. The game is smooth and smooth, and charging is fast and free.

15. Battlelands Royale (Android and iPhone)

Battlelands Royale
Credits: DNA India

It is a game similar to Brawl Stars only for smartphones, with all-against-all battles in a bird’s-eye maze. The result is a fast, fluid, and entertaining multiplayer game against many other players in real-time.

16. Guns of Boom (Android and iPhone)

Credits: YouTube

Guns Of Book is also a smartphone game, this time with 3D graphics and a third-person view. Easy to play but extremely competitive, it is one of the best PvP games ever.

17. Brawl Stars (Android and iPhone)

Best Brawlers
Credits: The SportsRush

From Supercell, like Clash Royale, it immediately became the most downloaded game of 2019 since the day of its release, with a dynamic and fast Battle royale that can be played on mobile smoothly and with better gameplay than Fortnite thanks to lighter graphics and simpler controls. In this case, it is a top view shooter with different game modes and a very competitive online battle system that works well, even without spending real money.

18. Radical Heights (PC)

Radical Heights
Credits: USgamer

Radical Heights is a game similar to Fortnite and has a different feature: the ability to monitor money during games so you can customize your character and buy weapons. In a scenario with decent and neat graphics, you move around riding a BMX bike.

19. More exciting games to try.

Free Pc Games Download Full Version
Credits: Medium

Among the best free online, action, and multiplayer games similar to Fortnite are .io games like,, and then, which are the games similar to Fortnite and bird’s eye view, with zombies, playable online on PC or downloadable for Android and iPhone.

These are the games similar to Fortnite, or that their role was similar. However, there are many others with equal parts that you might also like.

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