RDR2 Bison Location: The Ultimate Guide Reveals the Best Spots to Find American Bison!

RDR2 Bison Location – The Ultimate Guide to Finding American Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2

Greetings, fellow hunters! Are you in search of the majestic American Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the most sought-after bison locations, reveal the strategies to bag a Perfect Bison Pelt, and unlock the Provisions Satchel Upgrade. So saddle up and embark on this wild journey with us!

Understanding the Importance of Bison

The American Bison is one of the iconic and larger animals that roam the plains of New Hanover and West Elizabeth. These magnificent creatures offer not only an abundance of meat but also a Perfect Bison Pelt, which is essential for enhancing your Provisions Satchel. Upgrade your satchel to carry more supplies and maximize your survival chances in the wilderness.

Bison Locations – Where to Find Them?

If you’re ready to hunt down the mighty bison, here are the top locations where you’re most likely to encounter these majestic creatures:

LocationTips and Description
Heartlands Region, New HanoverSearch the plains near Twin Stacks Pass or Heartland Overflow. This area is known to have a frequent bison presence.
Great Plains, West ElizabethExplore the Great Plains near Blackwater. Keep an eye out for a bison herd that roams this area.

Legendary Bison

For the intrepid hunters aiming for the Legendary Bison, refer to our dedicated guide on “How to Kill the American Bison in Red Dead 2 for a Perfect Bison Pelt.”

Hunting Strategies for Bison

Hunting bison can be a challenging endeavor, considering their size and strength. Follow these tips to improve your chances of a successful hunt:

Choosing the Right Weapons

When facing bison, it’s crucial to have powerful and accurate weapons. Consider using a Carcano Rifle or a Bow with Improved Arrows for optimal results. These weapons will ensure you can take down a buffalo with a clean shot.

Bison Meat – Its Uses and Benefits

Aside from the valuable Perfect Bison Pelt, bison meat is also a precious resource. The meat can be used for cooking, providing sustenance and restoring your health. Don’t overlook the importance of collecting bison meat during your hunting adventures.


And there you have it, fellow hunters! The essential guide to locating and hunting the American Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2. Remember to equip yourself with high-powered weapons, identify the best bison locations, and aim for a Perfect Bison Pelt. Use the valuable resources wisely and upgrade your Provisions Satchel to unleash your full potential in the vast wilderness of RDR2. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are bison only found in specific regions within the game?

Yes, bison are predominantly found in the plains of New Hanover’s Heartlands region and the Great Plains of West Elizabeth.

2. What is the benefit of hunting and obtaining a Perfect Bison Pelt?

A Perfect Bison Pelt is required to upgrade your Provisions Satchel, increasing its storage capacity.

3. Which weapons are most effective for hunting bison?

Consider using high-powered weapons like a Carcano Rifle or a Bow with Improved Arrows for a clean and efficient kill.

4. Is bison meat useful for anything other than cooking?

Bison meat can indeed be consumed for sustenance and to replenish your health. It’s a valuable resource during your adventures.

5. Are there any specific requirements to encounter the Legendary Bison?

To encounter and hunt the Legendary Bison, you’ll need to progress through certain stages of the game and follow the instructions provided in our dedicated guide.


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