Icon Swaps FIFA 21: Full Guide to Obtain Legendary Players and Earn Reward Tokens!

Icon Swaps FIFA 21: Guide

So remember the cool icon swaps thing in the previous versions of FIFA to make your ultimate team. After much anticipation, EA finally reintroduced it to the latest FIFA 21 with the icon swap 1 starting from Friday, December 11. Some of the football’s legends are back with the FIFA 21 icon swap. Swap 1 introduces 6 players:

Can you still get icons in FIFA 21?

The answer is yes! FIFA 21 still offers the opportunity to get iconic players for your Ultimate Team through the Icon Swaps system. Icon Swaps allows players to earn tokens by completing in-game objectives and then use those tokens to redeem legendary players or special packs. The Icon Swaps 3 campaign, for example, features players like Patrick Vieira, Rio Ferdinand, and George Best.

How do you get icon swaps in FIFA?

To get icon swaps in FIFA, you need to complete specific in-game objectives. These objectives can include scoring with certain types of players, winning matches with specific squads, or achieving other milestones. By completing these objectives, you earn tokens that can be used in Squad Building Challenges to obtain iconic players. The number of tokens required for each player varies, with higher-rated players typically requiring more tokens.

How do you get icon player picks in FIFA 22?

In FIFA 22, icon player picks are obtained through various means such as completing icon SBCs (Squad Building Challenges), participating in weekend league matches, or earning tokens through special events like Icon Swaps. These player picks allow you to choose from a selection of iconic players to add to your team.

How does FIFA 22 icon swaps work?

In FIFA 22, icon swaps work similarly to previous versions. Players can earn tokens by completing in-game objectives and then exchange those tokens for iconic players or packs. The specific objectives and available players may vary between different icon swaps campaigns. It’s important to track the duration of each campaign and the objectives required to earn tokens to make the most of the icon swaps system.

What Exactly Are Icon Swaps, and How to Get Them?

The Icon Swaps FIFA 21 consists of various tasks that the player has to complete to earn tokens. After gathering a certain number of tokens, the player can submit them in challenges to get either legendary players or special team packs. The Icon Swaps for FIFA 21 began on December 11, Friday. All the challenges will end by January 1st. There are eighteen tokens available during Icon Swaps 1. The first eight tokens are available until 1 January, at which point they get replaced by ten further tokens.

List of Tasks to Earn Tokens:

  1. Win 6 matches in the Live Friendly:
    • One League with at least 5 Premier League players in the starting squad.
    • One League with at least 5 Serie A players in the starting squad.
    • One League with at least 5 La Liga players in the starting squad.
    • One League with at least 5 Bundesliga players in the starting squad.
    • One League with at least 5 Ligue 1 players in the starting squad.
  2. Win 5 Squad Battles matches on minimum World Class difficulty with:
    • 11 Eredivisie players in the starting squad.
    • 11 MLS players in the starting squad.
    • 11 EFL Championship players in the starting squad.

Icon Swaps 1 Rewards:

Reward TypePlayerTokens
25x 81+ Players Pack1
25x 83+ Players Pack2
20x 84+ Players Pack5
Moments Icon Pack5
92+ Icon Moments Pack6
92+ Prime Icon Player Pick9
Moments Icon Pack10
Prime Icon11

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: When did Icon Swaps 1 start?

A1: Icon Swaps 1 started on Friday, December 11.

Q2: When does Icon Swaps 1 end?

A2: Icon Swaps 1 ends on Friday, January 1st.

Q3: How many tokens are available in Icon Swaps 1?

A3: There are a total of 18 tokens available in Icon Swaps 1.

Q4: How do I earn tokens in Icon Swaps?

A4: You can earn tokens in Icon Swaps by completing specific in-game objectives, such as winning matches with certain squad requirements or scoring goals with specific players.

Q5: Can I use the earned tokens to get any player?

A5: No, each player in the Icon Swaps system has a specific token requirement. You will need to accumulate the required tokens for the desired player.


The Icon Swaps system in FIFA 21 offers players the opportunity to obtain legendary players through completing in-game objectives and earning tokens. By strategically completing objectives and collecting tokens, players can add iconic players to their Ultimate Team. Whether it’s Patrick Vieira, Rio Ferdinand, or George Best, the choice is yours. So get out there, complete those objectives, and build your dream team!

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