Watch Your Death in GTA 5: Experience the Ultimate Gaming Thrill!

Are you tired of the “Wasted” screen appearing every time your character meets an unfortunate demise in GTA 5? If so, then the Watch Your Death mod is the perfect solution for you. This incredible mod allows you to watch your death unfold without interruption and gives you the option to revive in place or respawn at a hospital. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the features, installation process, and various versions of the Watch Your Death mod for GTA 5.

Overview: Why Choose Watch Your Death?

The Watch Your Death mod offers a unique gameplay experience by removing the “Wasted” screen that typically appears upon death in GTA 5. With this mod, you can watch the aftermath of your demise in all its glory, allowing you to appreciate the details and intricacies of each death scene. Whether you choose to revive in place or respawn at a hospital, the choice is yours, giving you more control over your gaming experience.

Known Bugs and Bug Reporting

As with any mod, there may be some bugs that users encounter while using the Watch Your Death mod. One known bug in the “INCREASED HEALTH” version is the occasional ragdoll behavior, where the character may slide or slowly spin. If you experience any bugs or have any requests, it is recommended to report them through the official channels mentioned by the mod creator:

Discord – IAmJFry#0097 OR Join my Discord server!

When reporting bugs, make sure to have properly installed and updated all the requirements mentioned in the “Requirements” section below.

Requirements for Watch Your Death Mod

Before installing the Watch Your Death mod, ensure that you have the following requirements:

  • ScriptHookVDotNet V3.1.0 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2019 (x64))
  • Script Hook V
  • ScriptHookVDotNet V3.1.0

Differences Between The Two Versions

Watch Your Death mod offers two distinct versions with different functionalities. Let’s explore the differences between them:

Increased Health Version:

This version of the mod brings changes to the player’s current and maximum health. However, it is important to note that if you remove the mod after saving your game while using it, you will need to use a trainer to reset the player’s health back to the default value.

  • The player is considered “dead” when their health falls below a certain value (the default health amount remains unchanged).
  • The mod forces the character into a ragdoll state when they are “dead”.
  • Death animation is enforced when in vehicles, ensuring a realistic gameplay experience.
  • This version is the only one compatible with Director Mode and first-person recording.
  • It introduces a custom health bar that replaces the vanilla one. When using the vanilla health bar, it automatically adjusts for the increased health, rendering it unusable.
Disables Script Version:

This version of the mod disables the respawn script, preventing the player from respawning or showing the wasted screen. It restores the default health values and registers the player’s death accurately, allowing for more realistic gameplay.

  • Recording still functions, and the mod includes code to enable recording even while the player is “dead” (disabled by default).
  • Reviving instantly makes the player stand up, but be cautious as being too close to other entities may result in their disappearance.
  • This version offers a more vanilla GTA V experience compared to the increased health version.

Installation Process

Installing the Watch Your Death mod is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below:

  1. Copy “Watch Your Death.dll” to your “GTA V\Scripts\” folder.
  2. Copy “WYD.ini” to your “GTA V\Scripts\” folder.

Once installed, you can customize the controls according to your preferences.

Keyboard Controls:

  • L – Revive character in place
  • O – Respawn character at hospital
  • K – Plays suicide animation depending on the current weapon
  • F10 – Enables/disables custom health bar editor if enabled in the .ini and if using the increased health version

Custom Health Bar Editor Controls:

  • WASD – Moves the bar around the screen
  • Up/Down Arrow – Increase/Decrease height
  • Left/Right Arrow – Increase/Decrease width
  • Q/E – Increase/Decrease move speed (makes it easier to move the bar around)

Controller Controls:

  • LB – Revive character in place
  • RB – Respawn character at hospital
  • None (change in .ini) – Plays suicide animation depending on the current weapon


The Watch Your Death mod has undergone several updates to improve its functionality. Here are the recent changes:

Version 5.0.1:
  • Fixed a bug causing the script to crash when dying on a vehicle that can be knocked off (increase health version).
  • Fixed a bug causing the player not to “die” in first-person view while in a vehicle (increase health version).

Important Information

While using the Watch Your Death mod for GTA 5, it is crucial to keep certain considerations in mind:

  • By using, you agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  • The mod may require additional scripts like Menyoo or others that prevent the resetting of your character’s skin upon death. Ensure you configure necessary settings accordingly.
  • This mod is not intended for serious playthroughs and is primarily aimed at enhancing the gaming experience by removing the “Wasted” screen.
  • It is recommended not to use this mod during missions as the game’s default handling of death and failure is preferred in those scenarios.


The Watch Your Death mod adds a new level of immersion and control to your GTA 5 gameplay by removing the “Wasted” screen and allowing you to watch

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