Where Is Xur Now? Check Out the Exotic Armor and Weapons He’s Selling This Week!

Destiny 2 players rejoice! Xûr, the mysterious and elusive vendor, has arrived in the game with a selection of exciting Exotic armor, weapons, and more. If you’re looking to upgrade your Guardian’s arsenal or add some flair to your armor collection, now is the time to seek out Xûr. In this article, we’ll guide you on Xûr’s location and highlight the exotic offerings available this week.

Where Is Xûr Located Today?

Xûr’s Location

Xûr can be found at Winding Cove in the EDZ on May 19 through May 23. To reach him, head to the landing point at Winding Cove. Look for a cave winding up to a platform next to some Fallen at the far end of the cove. There, atop a rocky cliff, you’ll find Xûr eagerly awaiting your arrival.

What’s Xûr Selling Today?

Exotic Armor

The Dragon’s Shadow – Exotic Hunter Chest Armor

This exotic chest armor offers impressive stat totals, with 16 Mobility, 11 Resilience, 7 Recovery, 27 Discipline, 2 Intellect, and 2 Strength, for a grand total of 65. Perfect for enhancing your Hunter’s performance in battle.

MK.44 Stand Asides – Exotic Titan Boots

These Titan boots provide a combination of 16 Mobility, 13 Resilience, 2 Recovery, 10 Discipline, 13 Intellect, and 9 Strength, amounting to a total of 63. Equip these boots to improve your Titan’s agility and resilience on the battlefield.

Felwinter’s Helm – Exotic Warlock Helmet

Warlocks will find this exotic helmet a valuable addition to their arsenal. It offers 9 Mobility, 11 Resilience, 10 Recovery, 2 Discipline, 10 Intellect, and 20 Strength, totaling 62 in stats. Enhance your Warlock’s abilities with this powerful helmet.

Exotic Weapons

Prometheus Lens – Exotic Trace Rifle

If you missed out on the original laser tag weapon, now’s your chance to add it to your collection. The Prometheus Lens is an exotic trace rifle with incredible firepower and unique capabilities. Don’t pass up the opportunity to wield this legendary weapon.

Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon

The Hawkmoon hand cannon is another enticing option for guardians looking to dominate their enemies. Its paracausal shot ability and various perks make it a formidable weapon in both PvE and PvP activities.

Legendary Weapons

Xûr also has a selection of legendary weapons available for purchase, each with its own unique attributes and perks. While there may not be any standout options this week, avid collectors and completionists may still find joy in adding some of these weapons to their arsenal.


Xûr’s arrival in Destiny 2 is always eagerly anticipated by the player community. This week, he brings an exciting lineup of exotic armor and weapons, offering guardians the opportunity to enhance their gameplay and show off their unique style. Whether you’re a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, there’s something for everyone in Xûr’s inventory. So, head to Winding Cove in the EDZ and seek out Xûr to see what treasures await you.


1. Can I only purchase one exotic armor piece from Xûr?

No, Xûr offers one exotic armor piece for each class, allowing guardians to choose the one that suits their preferred playstyle.

2. Are the exotic armor and weapons sold by Xûr permanently available?

No, Xûr’s inventory rotates every week, so make sure to visit him before the weekly reset to take advantage of the current offerings.

3. Can I only purchase exotic weapons and armor from Xûr?

Xûr also offers legendary weapons and armor, providing guardians with a selection of powerful gear to choose from.

4. Is Xûr’s inventory the same for all players?

Yes, Xûr’s inventory is the same for all players, so everyone can access the same exotic armor and weapons during his time in the game.

5. What activities should I prioritize to earn currency for Xûr’s purchases?

Engaging in various activities such as Strikes, Crucible matches, and raids can reward you with currency to spend on Xûr’s offerings. Focus on completing weekly milestones and challenges to maximize your earnings.

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