How to get Moonshine Twine in Final Fantasy XIV?

    You may find and use a number of special materials in Final Fantasy XIV while completing the game. A lot of these materials can be traded with NPCs, while others can be made available to players to develop unique things that will raise your character’s item level and get you ready for later challenges. You’ll need to have a sizable quantity of moonshine twine, among these commodities, to enhance your tools.

    What is Moonshine Twine?

    Moonshine Twine appears accessible after completing the key Endwalker plot objectives. It is employed to enhance the Radiant Host armour that was acquired in Radz-at-Han in exchange for Astronomy Tomestones. The Radiant Host equipment’s efficiency is equal to the armor obtained from the latest current Brutal Raid. Glorious Guest gear starts at component level 590 but can be upgraded to equipment level 600 with Radiant Twine.

    How to obtain Moonshine Twine?

    For those who are playing Final Fantasy 14, there are three ways to obtain Radiant Twine.

    1) One method involves trading the tomes acquired from Asphodelos’ third monster on the Nasty assignment in Radz-at-Han. Given that they were guaranteed to each player after a successful kill, they were the main method of improving Radiant Guest gear prior to Seemingly boundless Experience.

    2) Well with help of Aglaia Coins, that can be obtained by finishing the new Coalition invasion with the Duty Tracker, there exists a lot simpler but still confined method to close the gap with Freshly Found Expedition. Similar to treatises, they are indeed protected, however they can only be purchased once per week. At Radz-at-Han, players can trade their Aglaia Coins for Radiant Plating or Glorious Twine, which are required to improve armour.

    3) At Radz-at-Han, 3,000 Sacks of Nuts can be traded for Radiant Twine after completing Elite Marks for the Hunt in Endwalker. It appears to be the most time-consuming way to get Radiant Twine, and trying to grind it would definitely make players exhausted. Sacks of Nuts, however, may be easily located when players explore the zones with their companions, making it a dependable inactive resource for obtaining Radiant Twine.

    Where to trade the Moonshine Twine

    Asphodelos Mythos IV books, that can only be obtained from the final confrontation of Endwalker’s constant fire on Barbarous challenge, must be exchanged in order to gain Radiant Roborant. Nevertheless, although players can update their armour and clothing thanks to Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating, Glorious arms advancements are still stymied by Nasty progress.

    All of the NPCs that exchange these items for Moonshine Twine may be located in the alley of Radz-at-Han that is indicated in the image. Sacks of nuts are traded by Wilmette, Asphodelos Mythos III books by Djole, and Aglaia Coins by Nesvaaz.

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