FFXIV Fan Fest 2023Tickets are on sale finally

    FFXIV Fan Fest 2023Tickets are on sale finally

    If you want to attend the celebration of the highly regarded MMORPG, you can now register your interest in FFXIV Fanfest 2023 tickets, but there’s regrettably no assurance that you’ll be able to get a seat. If you hope to join the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival in London in 2023, you’ll have to enter an FFXIV housing-style lottery since demand is as high as ever. Additionally, Square Enix is eager to crack down on price takers and seat resellers.


    Square Enix states that it is “trying to produce our largest Fan Festival ever in Europe” and as a result, it aims to prevent long lines for the ticket booking procedure by choosing a random draw rather. Players with active FFXIV subscriptions and accounts with European Square Enix will be given preference when registering for tickets. You have until March 9 to express interest; if you are selected, you are not forced to buy tickets.

    By Wednesday, March 15, the winners of the draw will be notified via the email account associated with their Square Enix account. Square Enix claims that there will be sufficient tickets to assure that all chosen players have the opportunity to acquire up to two passes, so you won’t have to rush once selected. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to buy up to two tickets during a player-exclusive window that runs from March 20 to 26.

    Square Enix emphasizes that “the entire stock of tickets may be sold during the player-exclusive purchase period and no tickets will remain for the general sales period,” so it advises anyone interested in registering their interest now to avoid disappointment. 2023 tickets will be made available to the general public on March 29 after this exclusive sales period.

    To conclude, Each ticket for the 2023 FFXIV Fan Fest is $199.99. To the entire two-day event in Las Vegas, Nevada, they provide access. Each night, a unique concert that isn’t broadcast to the general public is available to ticket holders. They will also receive a merchandise bag with particular goods in it.

    There are versions of Final Fantasy XIV for the PS4, PS5, and PC. The FFXIV Fan Festival 2023 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 28 and 29, 2023.

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