Squirtle Squad Will Return in Pokemon Anime

    Squirtle Squad Will Return in Pokemon Anime

    The Pokemon anime is rapidly coming to a close with Ash’s exploits, but not before the Squirtle Squad visits him. This is a tremendously memorable occasion for fans because the famous ensemble first appeared in the initial episode of the Pokemon anime.

    Ash has been taking his trip with Pikachu since the late 1990s, even though he’s still a youngster in the story. Many people probably assumed the character would be around forever because they were the recognizable faces of the anime version of the hugely popular gaming series.

    Many recognizable characters, like Misty and Psyduck, have made appearances in the final scenes starring Ash and Pikachu. The return of Ash’s Squirtle and his legendary Squirtle Squad has now been made known by the Pokemon anime. According to one of the screenshots from the four upcoming episodes of the Pokemon anime, Ash’s Squirtle is directing the group as usual as the Squirtle Squad poses. The episode’s precise premiere date is still not revealed, but fans won’t have to wait long because the show is airing Ash’s adventure’s final 11 episodes.

    For those who haven’t seen the Squirtle Squad in the original anime, they first appeared as a troublemaking gang in a village. After encountering Ash, they eventually develop good intentions and even work as a team to put out fires, with Ash’s Squirtle occasionally returning when the group requires a leader. The Squirtle Squad was wildly popular and made several cameos in the show, even though many of Ash’s previously released and used Pokemon have rarely been mentioned afterward.

    Like prior occasions when Ash has met up with former Pokemon and friends, many fans will probably find Ash’s reunion with the Squirtle Squad incredibly nostalgic and even a bit melancholy. While many are curious and eager to see how the Pokemon anime will develop with original characters at the helm, it has not been simple for everybody to say goodbye to Pokemon and their trainers 25 years after they were big stars. Even yet, when Ash ultimately prevailed in his contest to become a Pokemon Master, realizing a boyhood ambition that had been brewing for more than 20 years, many fans were ecstatic.

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