How to play your Apple Music Replay 2022?

    How to play your Apple Music Replay 2022?

    Apple Music Replay gives users a step back and looks at the songs they streamed over the previous year every year. Users can view their top albums, artists, and tracks of the year with this tool. This summary provides a viewpoint on your Spotify listening habits, similar to Spotify Wrapped.

    Apple Music Replay: What is it?
    The famous music streaming service’s function creates a customized playlist of a user’s most-heard songs over the year. A playlist of the songs the user listened to the majority of from the year’s releases is also included.

    Apple Music Replay is typically based on the user’s 12-month listening history.

    What is the operation of Apple Music Replay?
    Replay determines your top songs, mixes, artists, album, categories, and stations based on your Apple Music app listening history. It takes each of these categories’ play counts and listening duration into account. You are given a comprehensive review of your platform listening habits as a result.

    1)Make sure the Apple Music app is up to date on your device first.

    2)Tap the For You option at the bottom of the screen after the app has opened.

    3)To find the Replay 2022 section, scroll below. A playlist of your 100 best songs and top 10 albums from the previous year may be found here. The songs on the playlist will begin playing as soon as you tap on them to start listening to them.

    4)You can play individual songs or the complete album at once by tapping the album cover to access the list and start listening to a certain album.

    5)Tap the 3 dots beside any track on the list and choose to Add to My Music to add it to your music collection.

    Its property that it upgrades constantly is one of its best qualities. You won’t need to consider actively making a playlist or remembering which albums and songs you listen to the most frequently during the year.

    Your Replay playlist can be distributed to loved ones via email, messaging, and social media. A feature like this is fantastic for anyone who wishes to think back on the songs they’ve heard throughout the previous year. By following the above instructions, you can quickly access and play your repeat playlist and albums. This function is a fantastic method to look for new music and think back on the tunes that have provided the soundtrack to your recent year.

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