Destiny 2 New DLC Confirmed

    Destiny 2 New DLC Confirmed

    The introduction of a last DLC after Lightfall: The Final Shape is just one of several new details Bungie’s Destiny 2 showcase has revealed about the game’s future.

    We’ve been spoilt by Bungie’s abundance of new content coming to Destiny 2. However, the news of a game’s final DLC after Lightfall is the most unexpected of all these revelations. The Final Shape, a new piece of downloadable content for Destiny 2, will mark the end of the game’s current storyline and the culmination of more than seven years of storytelling. It will also mark the game’s departure from the Light and Darkness Saga.

    The Final Shape will be a “transformative moment” for Destiny 2, claims Bungie. Except for a couple of teases of content past Lightfall, none of The Witch Queen disclosures that were made public in the days preceding the showcase mentioned the recently revealed DLC. It is encouraging to hear that there will be another comprehensive DLC.

    Before we witness The Final Shape, there is still a way to go. On February 22, 2022, The Witch Queen will be released, and Light Fall will probably follow somewhere in the first half of 2023. Therefore, it’s realistic to predict that we won’t see The Final Shape until sometime in 2023 or even 2024.

    Bungie’s remark about the “transformative state” from the showcase received particular attention. This can be interpreted in several ways. Fundamentally, we may infer that the remark is intended to allude to the state of the Destiny 2 universe before the release of Destiny 3, much like Bungie did with Destiny 1 and The Taking King.

    The idea of Destiny 2 turning into a full-fledged live-service game and one that should be investigated, though. The advantages and disadvantages of Destiny delivering new games instead of creating a single universe more akin to World of Warcraft have been extensively explored by players. Thus, pushing D2 to a “transformative state” might result in the game changing its name to “Destiny,” with all upcoming updates being based on that game instead of another installment in the franchise. This is just speculation, of course. Expect to hear nothing more about The Final Shape for at least two years, so don’t hold your breath. But speculating is always entertaining.

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