Darkness in the light destiny 2

    Darkness in the light destiny 2

    Exotic hand cannons from Destiny 2 are fantastic in a variety of ways. You must finish the Darkness in the Light quest in Destiny 2 to obtain Malfeasance. These missions are typically somewhat long, but below is a thorough guide to the Darkness in the Light quest so you are aware of every action you must take.

    Darkness in the light destiny 2

    1)The Seething Heart
    You must first collect the Seething Heart, which can only be obtained by defeating the Ascendant Primeval Servitor boss in Gambit, to begin the entire process. You must play through matches until the Servitor appears because Gambit bosses are randomized. Oh, and you also need to triumph in the game. Good fortune!

    2)The Secret City
    When you have the Seething Heart, present it to the Drifter by going there. After that, he will give you a mission to take out 25 Taken bosses or minibosses in the Dreaming City. Given that it spawns numerous Taken bosses throughout its final phases, the Blind Well is a wonderful opportunity to complete this quest.

    3)The Defiled
    After defeating the bosses, you’ll receive a unique variation of The Corrupted attack. Hop on it and you’ll get the Depleted Weapon Core item as a reward. You can start it using the Dreaming City map. Bring a strong crew with you because this strike could be difficult. Please bring it back to the Drifter to advance to the following stage.

    Darkness in the light destiny 2

    4)The same as always
    You will return to Gambit at this point. Get a powerful Fireteam ready since you must win 10 Gambit games before dropping 400 Motes. Try to play as cautiously as you can by depositing your Motes as soon as a wave is over because any Motes you lose will deduct twice from your total.

    5)Lights out
    PvP situations make us fearful. To complete Lights Out in Gambit, you must either kill 25 Guardians, defeat four foes in one assault, or have your teammates defeat four enemies three times. Do you have a shooting buddy? Register them for this action.

    6)Get Deception
    You’ll receive the Dark Weapon Core item once you’ve finished the Lights Out quest step. When you give it to the Drifter, he will trade it for the Malfeasance, a rare handgun with the ability to detonate targets after five bullets. Nasty!

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