BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Builds

    BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Builds

    With its 14 different types of weapons, Monster Hunter Rise’s fighting is both intricate and varied. This weaponry can be used in conjunction with the game’s Best Armour to give your heroes strong builds. Today, we’ll talk about the Top 3 original builds that you can create with some of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s most potent tools and armor sets.

    Tank DPS Gunlance Build

    The guidance is without a doubt the most underappreciated weapon in the game. You may use it to deliver damage at medium ranges while your mega gun weapon fires huge blasts that deal large amounts of damage. The armament, which comes in the shape of a carbine or bayonet, is inspired by military cannons.

    Without the requirement for healing, our tanky design for the weapons is made to pump out as much DPS as possible. Players that have access to openings on their objective will succeed in guidance. The fact that you are not required to approach the creatures up close is the best feature.

    Therefore, you are usually comfortable using explosive gun bursts to wear down enemies. For the Tank construct to effectively stun and brutalize enemies, chain damage must be dealt with. The tanky aspect of the build gives us access to abilities from our armor, such as Kushal’s Blessing, which increases your healing while suffering from diseases.

    Mighty Battle Hammer Build

    The finest hammer build we have for you today is built on increasing your damage with every succeeding strike. Therefore, it is undoubtedly among the top 5 builds for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. In MH games, the greatsword and the hammer both feature charge attacks. It is capable of striking repeatedly and doing incredible harm.

    The most deadly uses of these weapons are considered to be these charge attacks. The offense the hammer may give in its various combos and attacks are what distinguishes it from other weapons in that sense. Hammer users take full advantage of their surroundings and attempt to land as many leap-and-slide attacks as they can.

    Despite being likely one of the most spamming attacks by Hammer users, it nevertheless deals massive amounts of damage. Users using hammers will find it simpler to rapidly and affordably break the hard-skinned areas of the creatures. Their primary responsibility in group hunts is frequently to scatter or break the challenging terrain.

    Elemental Dual Blades Build

    One of the game’s most lethal weapons to employ is the dual blades, in all honesty. You can perform quick strikes at great speeds thanks to them. The Monsters’ bodies and armor can be readily chipped and torn through by them. The weapon comes preloaded with numerous amazing switch abilities, including Demon Flurry Rush and Demon Mode.

    The main focus of the build is an uncommon Elemental Build for these weapons, which may be powerful from the mid-game to the late-game stages and is likely one of the most well-liked among the audience at the moment.

    Even the fierce Elder Dragons have weaknesses; practically every monster in the game does. These flaws may be caused by elements like thunder or cold. It may even be possible to leverage a monster’s unique characteristics to your advantage by knocking them unconscious or, even better, causing them to periodically stumble throughout the fight.

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