Monster Hunter Rise sunbreak prized pelt

    Monster Hunter Rise sunbreak prized pelt

    In video games like Monster Hunter Rise, crafting is a crucial component, and Sunbreak enhances that by adding additional manufacturing supplies like Prized Pelts. In Sunbreak, some weapons and armor require the Prized Pelts to be produced. Prized Pelts are among the finest commodities in Sunbreak, however, they can be utilized to build the best armor pieces in the game too.

    How to obtain Prized Pelts

    The only way to get prized Pelts is to complete Master Rank Quests. You will encounter a tougher variant of the monster if you advance to the Master Ranks. Nevertheless, to acquire the Prized Pelts during Sun break, you do not necessarily have to slay the monster.

    You can encounter tiny monsters called Kelbi and Anteka when completing Master Rank Side missions. To obtain the Prized Pelts in Sunbreak, you must farm these creatures. All you have to do to begin pursuing these monsters is launch a Master Rank adventure in Sunbreak.

    It would help if you did not only track them down and also slice them in an attempt to get their prized pelts. To sum up, the ways to acquire Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak are as follows:

    1)Farming Anteka

    The second-best way to get Prized Pelts in Sunbreak is via farming Antekas. The vast horns that protrude from the tops of their skulls set Antekas apart from other monsters. They can be identified because they look like bulls from a distance.

    However, the player is not immediately attacked by these monsters. If you try to find Antekas, they will fight back against the player. The Frost Islands are abounding with Antekas. Launch a Master Rank expedition to those locations and keep cultivating Antekas for Prized Pelts.

    2)Farming Kelbi

    Nearly area in Sunbreak is home to kelbi, however, the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, and Jungle have the highest concentrations. Although Kelbis are extremely swift creatures, they are also incredibly fragile. Two melee blows should be sufficient to take down a Kelbi.

    Nevertheless, because Kelbi may flee very rapidly, it is advised to kill them using ranged firearms like a Kunai. Nearly usually, using ranged weaponry will result in a Kelbi Kill. It ought to be mentioned that Kelbi is capable of fleeing from a massive monster. So, when hunting, move quickly.

    Uses of the Prized Pelts

    In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Prize Pelts, a rare manufacturing material, may be utilized to create several of the best weapons and armor. Importantly, you can make certain armor sets, such as the Khezu Coil X and Volvidon Mail X, using the MHR Sunbreak Prized Pelts. Furthermore, Prized Pelts are required for numerous extra game components.

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